The digital goods market is a multi-billion dollar industry that has been expanding year on year. Market research experts assessed the ten main growth factors in digital trade and have predicted that the value of the digital goods market could surpass $500+ billion by 2019, which is more than 3x the current market cap of all cryptocurrencies combined.

The DIGI team are looking to tap into this exponential market by creating a platform utilizing Blockchain that solves core issues of trading digital goods and services. The solution will ensure digital goods and services are easily accessible and affordable while creating a scalable platform with true global reach.

DIGI itself represents more than just a coin or marketplace, it envisions the future of downloadable digital goods and services, and the DIGI platform will be open for all types of digital goods including e-books, website templates, apps, video, audio, subscriptions, services and more.

The team have already started with Phase 1 of their roadmap and are ahead of schedule which is a good sign of the potential.

The DIGI team are currently holding their token sale to get this project off the ground and are offering DIGI Tokens in exchange for ETH.

Two routes of return for DIGI token holders

There is a two pronged approach for the use of the DIGI Token. DIGI Token holders will be able to either use their token within trading and exchange platforms or use their tokens to purchase digital goods or services from the DIGI marketplace.
There are many things to look out for when investing in a token sale and this brings us onto the following, all which DIGI seems to tick:

  • An Experienced Team
  • A Clear Vision
  • A Clear Roadmap
  • An actual viable product
  • Straight to the point no-nonsense whitepaper

The great news is Digi is offering a 40% bonus for early contributors. This means you will receive 840 DIGI Tokens for 1 ETH. Please note: The 40% bonus will be ending in less than a week.

With the combination of a great team, a very viable product and a fixed supply of 98M tokens, DIGI seems to be poised to give a fantastic return for early contributors.

To find out more and contribute visit the live token sale at

Please note this article is not investment advice.

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