After a successful Token Pre-sale and increasing crypto community interest, the DigiPulse team is launching its second Token Sale on October 1st. DigiPulse is a digital and crypto asset inheritance service - a subscription-based SaaS platform that aims to ensure that user digital assets and those stored in their crypto wallets are made available to the rightful inheritors.

DigiPulse quickly developed into a full-fledged project after increasing interest from the crypto community that saw the potential for a service that aims to provide others with the same service that DigiPulse CTO attempted to do for himself - to transfer his digital and crypto assets to his young family after encountering health issues.

Digital Future

For all its many uses, cryptocurrencies have a glaring flaw -  if, for whatever reason, a user cannot access their digital wallet where their currency is stored, these assets will remain dormant and be forever lost.

DigiPulse solves this issue by allowing its users to store and encrypt information on the decentralized DigiPulse blockchain and make it inheritable - only accessible to the specified recipients, eliminating attorney service and human error factors.

The overwhelming crypto community support enabled DigiPulse to conduct their first ICO. And although it didn’t reach its goal, the process brought valuable feedback and enabled the team to successfully conclude an Initial Contributors round, addressing key issues and creating the improved DigiPulse 2.0.

DigiPulse Token Sale

Now the team will hold their second Token Sale, starting on October 1st. The Public Sale will be made available on the DigiPulse website on Sunday, October 1st at 15:00 (UTC). DigiPulse tokens (DGTP) will be sold at a fixed price (with additional tier bonus rewards) of 0.004 ETH (1 ETH = 250 DGTP) and the Sale will continue until the project reaches its minimum cap of 500 ETH (with a maximum cap of 44'650 ETH) or until the sale conclusion October 31st.

Visit to add the Token Sale to calendar, read more about the project in the white-paper and see recent interview with the Founders.

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