The Nolcha Shows continues the Web3 revolution with a curated art exhibition event on April 12, 2023. The event will take place at the immersive 20,000-square-foot Arts District located on the Williamsburg waterfront in Brooklyn during NFT.NYC.

This invitation-only event celebrates the culture of Web3 art innovation that is happening now.

The Nolcha Shows provide a platform for Web3 leaders and creatives to collaborate, innovate and showcase their talents. The state-of-the-art 360-degree immersive venue creates a visually stunning environment that challenges the perception of what art can be. With ample space for networking and socializing, the event fosters a culture of creativity that inspires ideas and shapes the future of the art, music and gaming industries.

The event brings together an international roster of talent from Dubai, Finland, Iran, London, the Philippines and outer space.

Highlighted culture-changing artists presenting activations will include:

  • Jenni Pasanen: (exclusive) featuring “Eden” seeking what is not known yet. Combining digital painting with artificial intelligence that explores ideas of philosophy, psychology and science themes, questioning math, ripple effects of actions and connections to our subconscious.
  • FVCKRENDER’s: (exclusive) own immersive platform, Lvcidia, will feature a virtual galaxy filled with sculptures expressing the fragility of our existence and the beauty of our humanity.
  • Skye Nicolas: Featuring “In Bloom: A Digital Flower Garden,” which has reached iconic status after its commission in celebration of Philippine National Arts Month.
  • Jeremy Cowart: Showing work from his interactive series “Block Queens” as well as his patent-pending Lightographs, a video file where the only motion is the light itself.
  • Lindsay Kokoska: Art incorporating a technicolor universe, an interplay on the past and the future; today, with the emergence of AI, the boundaries of artistic expression are being pushed to new levels, welcoming a new era of creative possibility.
  • PowerStation Studios: A collective of artists who merge physical and digital media to develop phygital futures. They know the rules and break them when necessary. Their bold and disruptive installation communicates that creativity should not be constrained by one tool, medium or opinion.
  • Ayesha Mubarak Ali: Immersing viewers in a thought-provoking exploration of sci-fi themes and mysteries that incorporates phygital fashion.
  • Curators Justin Aharoni and Chris Ayala bring focus on bridging the physical and digital worlds by celebrating photographers innovating in Web3. In their collaboration video print display, Infinite Objects, each object will hold one video, on loop, bringing scarcity and value.

Featured artists also include: Grace Hye, Arno Carstens, Levi Harrell, Kira Bursky, Bad Kids, Kelly Hsiao, Renz Renderz, Fiona Aboud, Krwn Studio, Vakseen, Mohsen Hazrati, Cait Lamas, Not for them.

Live performances to include

1st ​​IRL Performance by BAYC #6722 Shilly, Web3 digital avatar turned pop punk star. After releasing his first single “I’m Boring,” produced by Matt Squire (Panic! at the Disco, Ariana Grande), he and his band make their live concert debut using visual projection and live animation technologies.

VR/AR + 3D Sculptor on-site Performance by Artist: Sarai Natalie Mora.

Established innovative Web3 companies at the event, include the following partners:

  • Gamma’s Bitcoin Ordinals marketplace, makes collections instantly tradable. Over 30,000 inscriptions on Bitcoin have been produced using the no-code launchpad.
  • Cortex Network, the first Web3 content network that can be used for journals, newspapers, and apps where users own the content, and publishers distribute it.
  • DMG Blockchain Solutions, the only carbon-neutral Bitcoin (BTC) mining pool with the ability to place large ordinals (individual or collections) onto the Bitcoin blockchain.
  • Stargaze, the largest nonfungible token (NFT) launchpad and marketplace in the Cosmos as a community-owned, carbon-neutral chain with zero gas.
  • MAGNETIQ will be launching a platform facilitating the creation and activation of blockchain-based membership programs.
  • The Prime Barrel Web3 Whiskey Club® offers their NFT members access to fine and sought-after whiskey both in the physical and virtual realm.
  • Kollectiff and BBDO Worldwide launch Fosterverse, a metaverse experience for Mars’ Pedigree brand that will offer participants opportunities to foster, both virtually and physically, while earning digital collectibles.
  • Web3Sense empower NFT stakeholders with insights they need to analyze and grow their communities.

About Nolcha Shows

Nolcha Shows is a series of leading award-winning experiential Web3 events for brands to build, engage and expand their communities. These in-person destinations have been connecting today’s best innovators for the past 15 years.

 Nolcha Shows Web3 curated events are held during NFTNYC, BTC Miami, Art Basel, Consensus and New York Fashion Week.

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