After hosting three high-flying webinars in a row, Group Futurista organized its fourth webinar in the #FutureCast Webinar Series on the 30th of July, 2020.

This being the 2nd edition of the ‘Reimagining Digital Identity during COVID-19 for Financial Institutions’ webinar, some of the ace players from the Digital Identity space like Keyless, Mitek, Plurilock and Innovatrics sponsored the webinar & exchanged constructive insights on this subject. 

Speakers from leading financial institutions participated and spoke in length about the drive of cloud-based identity verification across the banking industry. Prashant Sharma from MasterCard spoke about the role of Digital Identity during and after COVID-19, Andrew Black from RBS shared how Digital Identity is providing trust and value in the industry, lastly, we had Andra Maute from AXA talking about the Tokenization of Assets & Blockchain for Digital Identity.

The panel discussion was hands down the best session of this webinar. Ritesh Jain from HSBC moderated this session, Andrea Urgolo from Pravex Bank along with Scott Forman from Plurilock & Sanjay Gupta from Mitek pulled off a very informative discussion about how COVID-19 has helped the digital transformation across the industry. 

Lastly, this webinar concluded with announcing the two upcoming webinars ’Future of Contactless Payments post COVID-19 2.0' & ‘Future of Digital Supply Chain' scheduled for 27th August, 2020 & 15th September, 2020 respectively. Do not miss out on Group Futurista's upcoming webinars, to register log on to