NOMADays 2022 is reconnecting the nomadic community and expanding global networks with its conference titled, “The entrepreneurs’ congress for perpetual traveling.”

This Aug. 26 to 28, the conference will be welcoming digital nomads and curious nomadic individuals from around the globe for an event packed with multiple opportunities to connect, expand and learn more about the global nomadic movement.

The core team from Staatenlos and the Crypto Castle core team are warmly hosting the second installation of NOMADays, held exclusively at the historic Crypto Castle in Germany!

This event will feature three days devoted to learning about and connecting with all walks of the nomadic lifestyle. 

NOMADays aims to exchange knowledge, experiences, connections and resources in an effort to provide a powerful space for all nomads to fully thrive and excel in an ever-growing market. 

Much more than a small trend, popularity of the nomadic lifestyle continues to grow massively. In fact, there are over 35 million digital nomads worldwide today, and that number is expected to double in the next few years. 

The NOMADays Congress will connect its attendees to this growing community with featured presentations, educational workshops and panel discussions all centered around nomadic travel. 

Held in a historic 1,000-year-old castle nestled in the rolling hills of the picturesque German countryside, NOMADays will be an epicenter of the latest nomadic trends and topics. The Crypto Castle, which dates back to the first millennia, is one of the oldest, best-preserved baroque secular buildings in the Thuringian and Saxon-Anhalt region. Recently renovated, it now includes an array of new features and surprises designed to please. 

The organizers recognize the instability of current times and are honored to hold a secure container for individuals to connect, network and ground themselves in this constantly moving stratosphere. 

With so many things changing every day, building human-to-human connections is more important than ever. Entire industries are facing massive shifts, and in increasingly fast-paced times, it makes sense to consider alternative lifestyles, including that of a permanent traveler. As today’s people build awareness for this change, NOMADays welcomes all digital nomads to join the conference at the beautiful Crypto Castle to learn from and support one another. 

Crypto Castle is a community working to create a sustainable, social and culturally diverse coexistence. Together with the residents, actors from the region and impulses from the Berlin international community, the castle’s keepers are transforming an iconic and forgotten relic into a modern utopia of possibility. 

Castle stays can be booked from three hours (for meetings) up to three months for those wanting to immerse themselves in the vibrant tech community and retreat from the city, with an onsite chef and program of activities to keep members entertained.

Tickets for NOMADays 2022 are up on the site.