Dinosaurs stomped all over the planet for millions of years. They slowly ate grass, meat and even of their own kind). And, all of a sudden, an asteroid flew by Earth from space. The age of dinosaurs was over, although it is conceivable that distinct populations still existed for some time, and some species even survived this cataclysm. This refers to the same crocodiles, which are certainly smaller than prehistoric monsters, but they are very similar in appearance.

See what I’m getting at? Some hotheads already claim that Ziber closes the era of mobile providers, in fact, killing their most profitable business - international calls. Certainly, providers will not die out like dinosaurs, but they will be of little interest to investors, since they will be able to generate less revenue.

Of course, there’s a grain of truth in it. We understand that the average check in $10-20 per month, which the user pays for conversations and traffic inside the country - that's nothing that gives the opportunity to "maintain pants", no more. The base pay of providers accounts for international calls. And even IP companies that dramatically reduced the costs for their users are forced to share with mobile providers.

But Ziber won’t share with anyone! Revenues will be distributed within the network between users: on the one hand, masternodes and individuals who provide their cell phones as a proxy server. Do you see mobile providers around there? I don’t exactly see, even putting on my glasses.

Many will argue that despite the presence of IP-telephony people continue to call directly through mobile and landline phones leaving a large amount of money to these providers. Yes, it is. But let’s remember how Uber went to the market. The growth was like an avalanche along with the reduction of call costs. That's precisely what we should expect with Ziber.

Will mobile providers resist? Yes, they will! But it’s really difficult to do it as a result of competition. Take away 1000 minutes of free calls from users? Please, take it! The user simply goes to the competitor. This is particularly true for connection with the end of roaming charges in Europe.

It is possible to go in a different way and start throwing sand in the in the machine using legislation, courts and authorities. But, based on the Uber’s example, it boils down to nothing, but only makes additional advertising for the service. It is impossible to stop progress if the most of the inhabitants of the earth are interested in it.

In conclusion. Is the era of mobile providers over with the advent of Uber? I wouldn’t place the bets on that. Yeah, their incomes will fall, some will go bankrupt. But only the strongest will survive and there will be consolidation based on weak players of the branch. As a user, I will be only happy, as the competition makes companies provide the best and the most interesting services.

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