ICObazaar is a platform for blockchain startup and crowdsale evaluation. The company’s mission is to help potential investors in the crypto space make more informed decisions.

In addition to providing their own ratings for all ICOs on the platform, just this week the company launched an ICO user review system on their platform to gather ICO evaluations from the crowd.

Registered ICObazaar users can now evaluate ICOs, earn upvotes from other users, and potentially get rewarded in crypto for producing reviews that are valued by other users on the platform.

ICObazaar believes that many potential investors in the blockchain space can provide real insight into the viability of a given project from a variety of perspectives, ranging from finance to business, to blockchain technology to cryptocurrency regulation/law.

The company encourages reviewers to research projects and write reviews that they themselves would find helpful when deciding whether or not to invest in a given ICO.

How it Works

The review system offers any ICObazaar user a chance to earn crypto in exchange for evaluating upcoming ICOs. Each user can review any given upcoming ICO only once. Reviews are then up/downvoted by other users and on the ICO launch day, the five users whose reviews earned the most upvotes receive rewards in crypto, deposited into their accounts on ICObazaar.

The idea behind the system is to reward users for producing rigorous reviews, where the value of the review is determined not by the company itself, but by other potential investors.

To start reviewing ICOs and earning crypto on ICObazaar, all you need to do is sign up on the platform and choose an upcoming ICO to evaluate. The rest is up to the crowd.

Company name: ICObazaar

Company site: icobazaar.com

Email: support@icobazaar.com