Lumi Collect, a wallet for all your collectibles, and Opensea, a library for them, have announced a mutual partnership: Lumi Collect is now on the list of approved wallets for collectibles and has an Openseaаated in-app, allowing users to search for dapp games without leaving the wallet.

Opensea is a decentralized marketplace for crypto assets where you can buy and sell crypto collectibles, gaming items, and other digital goods. And when you are in any marketplace, having a wallet with you is rather handy.

Lumi Collect is a crypto wallet tailored specifically to the needs of gamers and collectors alike. You can sign crypto transactions, store ERC-721 tokens, play your favorite blockchain games and explore new ones - all in one place.

With Opensea, Lumi’s dapp library, as well as usability, has expanded dramatically and there is one less reason to leave this one convenient app. But saving your phone from a flood of icons on its home screen is not the only improvement.

To put it in perspective: before the Opensea integration, Lumi handpicked the best and most interesting games in the market — such as My Crypto Heroes, CryptoKitties, OxUniverse — and opened it for users in-wallet. With Opensea, Lumi users are now exposed to the whole Opensea library — and it’s really, really huge — which basically contains all the relevant games on the market for today.

This doesn’t mean, however, that Lumi will stop partnering up and carrying out giveaways with different dapp projects. The “Explore” section stays where it is, offering users the best and most trusted games Lumi’s team has found. But now there is also an open sea of all other games around, and any user can explore it without any safety concerns - Lumi Collect has already taken care of that.