EDCON (Community Ethereum Development Conference) finished in phenomenal form this year, with over 3,000 participants from 68 countries making their mark at the five-day conference held in Podgorica, Montenegro.

Throughout the conference, Ethereum developers, researchers and thought leaders graced the stage, sharing their visionary insights into the future of the Ethereum network, the significance of zero-knowledge technology, the expanding layer-2 ecosystem, public goods and other pivotal developments.

Vitalik Buterin, co-founder of Ethereum, mapped a future for Ethereum based on issues of immediate primacy. For Ethereum, scalability is getting addressed by L2 solutions, though a lack of interoperability remains. User account security is becoming paramount, but can be addressed by multisignature and social recovery mechanisms. Privacy then becomes a cause for concern, though Buterin suggested stealth addresses and ZK social recovery. In conclusion — ZK REAM: “Zero Knowledge Rules Everything Around Me.”

Sharing insightful knowledge at the event were Tim Beiko, Skylar Weaver, Barry Whitehat, Piper Merriam, Andy Guzman and Leo Lara from Ethereum Foundation; Cy Li, director of UETH; Eli Ben-Sasson, co-founder of StarkWare; Scott Moore, co-founder of Gitcoin; and Balaji Srinivasan, author of The Network State.

ETH Montenegro, initiated by the ambassador group of UETH (De University of Ethereum), presented on stage and also contributed as volunteers during the event. Looking ahead, EDCON will take place in Japan in 2024, aiming to ignite the local community with the same enthusiasm and inspiration that characterized this last EDCON in Montenegro.


Organized by De University of Ethereum, ETHPlanet and UDG: EDCON is an annual nonprofit Ethereum conference that has attracted over 13,000 attendees, 3,500 developers, 450 speakers, 600 projects, 500 supporters and 400,000 online views since 2017. EDCON is mainly committed to serving the Ethereum ecosystem, boosting the communication and interaction of Ethereum communities worldwide. Follow them on Twitter.