Since launched into service in July 2016, Elementrem is providing a streamlined smartcontract blockchain which help to ensure reliable service across all and sundry. 

It does so by automatic monitoring system and blockchain health, ensuring node connectivity and providing uninterrupted data access.

What's more, it can also be used in a solidity programming language to enable complex calculations and data manipulations. This can help several major financial services companies to accelerate complex business processes. 

Fundamentally, this smartcontract system is based on the public Elementrem network but you can configure and edit a private Elementrem with almost the same functionality as the public Elementrem at any time by creating your own block. They all have almost the same functions and contracts are interchangeable in both public and private solidity code.

This may be advantageous for popularizing smartcontract, but as new types of private networks are created, Blockchain fragmentation increases. The next phase involved the solution concept and high-level design, concentrating on cross-checking transactions between public and private networks. You can accomplish this by discovering and correlating transactions between end points. 

It demands integrating distributed, heterogeneous blockchains to work seamlessly together to support this new business paradigm and the real power comes when customers leverage Intelligent, Immortal, and Infinite to address their business and financial services.

Leveraging technologies from blockchain, Elementrem brings smartcontract, currency, and effects to the global market. Using Elementrem, resolve complex calculations and data manipulations by taking "contract" action; Implement resolutions automatically or select and apply manually if preferred. 

If you specify the right conditions, your requirements will be handled automatically by a computer connected to the Elementrem blockchain node. This is the Highly developed contract code; Validation and calculation, as well as by defining the function was to enable the Turing Complete code development.

Smart contract will use the computing resources of all the nodes of the blockchain. And node will receive a reward of “Element” for provide computing resources. The monetary unit of Elementrem is the Element (symbol is ELE). The strategy is designed to help users adopt software capabilities that helps organizations optimize and improve their smartcontract efficiency.

Now, the blockchain technology is entering a new era of opportunity, driven by advancements outside its own realm. The Elementrem solution for smartcontract is scalable, flexible, and easy to integrate into existing complex business processes. As time goes on, enables integration developers to assemble complex business solutions for processes; Automate complex core business processes such as underwriting, policyholder servicing, financial processing, policy issuance, and complex calculations.


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