Emercoin and Design 4 Democracy Coalition Launched a Blockchain Solution for Macedonian Referendum

Emercoin in partnership with Design 4 Democracy Coalition have developed a solution to combat data manipulation in electoral process. It was piloted on September 30, 2018 during Macedonian referendum. Only one question was put to referendum – the renaming of the country in exchange for the support of Greece for Macedonia to join the European Union and NATO.

Manipulation of data in electoral processes

The publishing of falsified information during the electoral campaign is one of the ways to manipulate the course and results of elections. In most modern countries, not only public organizations but also journalists act as observers. Published articles influence the decision making of voters. In the case of the presidential election in the USA in 2016, the press published both reliable facts and materials based on assumptions. Website Politifact, which rates the accuracy of claims by politicians, claimed that 70% of Trump’s statements were false, while only 26% of