On June 29th 2016, Emercoin and Microsoft Azure released the Emercoin Blockchain Engine in the Azure Marketplace. This is the first application in the Microsoft Azure Marketplace which working with a blockchain technology that is designed for end users to be released on the Azure platform. With this release, any user can deploy the completely ready to use Emercoin Blockchain Engine, including EMCSSH as a service as well as a web-wallet with their Microsoft Azure subscription. No additional settings or installations are required by design, providing a full “turn-key” solution, ready to use.

This solution can be used as a structural foundation and blockchain subsystem for more complex systems, as well an independent online wallet with web access.
At its core, the solution consists of a virtual machine running CentOS 7.2 and its dependencies which includes Emercoin software as well as external access via the secure JSON/HTTPS (API) protocols. There is also secure access to the web wallet via HTTPS certificates that are generated on the client side. Forms of authorization can include either a password, or a client certificate with EMCSSL. The online interface provides full functionality, including financial operations and management of records in the NVS subsystem.

Among the solutions available to users who subscribe to the Emercoin Blockchain Engine are the following: Emercoin Client (the command-line client of the blockchain and the wallet, its API), EMCSSH (providing secure remote login to the server as well as preventing man-in-the-middle attacks), EMCWEB (allowing access to an Emercoin wallet securely installed on your own cloud server), which allows the user to develop custom blockchain applications without needing to install each client wallet desired.

The platform will allow developers the opportunity to create mobile or “lite” applications, with access to all of the functions of the Emercoin blockchain.

Microsoft Azure has become a popular platform for companies working with, or seeking to work with crypto-technology and blockchain related solutions since its inception in November 2015. New members join the Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS) program on a regular basis, and are making their selection based on the excellent performance and low cost of a distributed platform for experimentation and testing.

Emercoin joined the Microsoft Azure program in January 2016, becoming one of the first partners and blockchain implementing service providers. On this day, the Emercoin Blockchain Engine has become the first Microsoft Azure Market application to provide blockchain services to end users around the world.

Microsoft Azure is an ever expanding set of integrated cloud services offering functions such as analysis, calculation, database access, mobile solutions, network, data storage, and web technologies – All packaged for fast, efficient, and economical operation. It is perhaps one of the most effective and popular technology platforms in the world today.

In the Azure Marketplace, users can browse thousands of applications for use, covering practically all of the existing technological solutions of today. The Emercoin Blockchain Engine is offered as a free solution. The only cost incurred by the subscriber would be that of running a virtual machine and it’s components at the Microsoft Azure rates.

For further information about the Emercoin Blockchain Engine, visit the official page of the application in the Azure Marketplace.

The Emercoin Blockchain Engine provides a wide range of services for e-business and network security which can be found on the official website.

Emercoin (EMC) is a decentralized cryptocurrency started in December 2013. Emercoin shares many of the same characteristics with Bitcoin, but strives to offer superior services, both in quality and quantity, to businesses and developers worldwide. Today, Emercoin is among the top digital currency offerings available, with a total market capitalization of over $6 million USD at current prices.


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