Bitcoin Press Release: Code Valley announces the release of the Pilot, an interface to a bitcoin-fueled global compiler network.

December 20, 2016, Northern Australia – Emergent Coding is an entirely new system for software development that is powered by a network of cooperating software agents that offer compilation as a service. Each compile-as-a-service agent is a node in a globally distributed compiler, and each agent is carefully crafted by a software developer.

To build a program using Emergent Coding, a developer directs the Pilot to select key agents from within the system, pays each of these agents some satoshis, and hits ‘Build’.

Behind the scenes, these agents rapidly form a ‘hive compiler’ by carefully selecting agents of their own from across the world and so on. Each agent chosen to join the hive collects a payment for its developer.

A short time later, the freshly compiled executable arrives back at the root developer. Job complete. All agents paid.

“On its own, an agent is virtually useless. But when deployed in this system, it becomes a powerful agent of emergence,” says Noel Lovisa, founder of Code Valley and Emergent Coding.

Every agent in the system is competing to be chosen for new hives. Developers will want their agent chosen ahead of its competitors. Such competition drives innovation.

“Clearly, the better the agent, the more hive-time it enjoys and the more payments its developer collects. And an agent can be a part of many hive compilers simultaneously,” says Noel.

“Such payment not only ensures the integrity of the ecosystem, but also acts as an immensely powerful incentive for developers to improve their agents. The World Compiler evolves in real-time – each hive is better than the last.”

But why on earth would anyone want to pay per compile?

“It is not an unreasonable question,” says Noel. “But this is a very new way of developing software. When you build, you aren’t just feeding some source code through a static compiler. You are giving your requirements to experts in their fields, experts that will collaborate to custom-design and deliver an executable exactly satisfying your requirements. You are paying them to apply their expertise.” 

Any strange notion of “pay per compile” is far outweighed by the potential of emergent coding. As Noel puts it:

“The emergent coding ecosystem is perfectly scalable. Its ‘hive compilers’ can grow to unforeseen heights of abstraction, far beyond HLLs and libraries, all without sacrificing run-time performance. One day soon, any end-user will be able to use Emergent Coding to build custom, large-scale applications. They will simply select a few compiler agents from the relevant application domain and hit ‘Build.’”

The more agents developers deploy to the World Compiler, the greater its capabilities becomes. When the World Compiler finally bridges the gap in abstraction between end-user and developer, the developers who were first to deploy agents will reap the benefits.

With such a wealth of knowledge to capture, where will the ecosystem start first? The answer is clear: a Bitcoin domain. Noel continues:

“Emergent coding is about to bring a vast and multi-billion dollar economy to Bitcoin. We’re encouraging devs to go one step further and target Bitcoin software itself. Once the World Compiler absorbs the knowledge of Bitcoin development, Bitcoin developers will finally be able to receive the remuneration they deserve, and the Bitcoin community will have a powerful software factory at its disposal.”

Developers who have a few satoshis to spare can use the Pilot to take the World Compiler for a spin here. Then, to become part of the World Compiler, request an invite here.

About Code Valley

Code Valley is the Australian company behind a decentralized software creation platform that functions as a globally distributed compiler. The democratic platform offers a way for developers from across the world to build and deploy nodes to the platform that, when selected to join a newly forming ‘compiler,’ collect payment on behalf of their developer.

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