Organizers of Europe’s most-anticipated Ethereum hackathon confirmed that applications for ETHLisbon 2022 are officially open, and the first badge of hackers will be notified of their admission by the end of this week. Between Oct. 28 and Oct. 30, Ethereum builders will get together in teams to earn sponsor bounties or kick-start their own idea. Applications will be open right up until the event; hackers have the chance to secure their spot here.

What is Lisbon Blockchain Week and why is it a must?

Hosted by some of the most legitimate names in the industry, the hackathon aims to provide the best possible experience to builders. Lightshift Capital, 1kx and Activate are partnering up to take hackathons to the next level. In 2021, this successfully attracted thousands of crypto enthusiasts from all over the world to Portugal. Subsequently, Lisbon Blockchain Month was started as a community initiative for everyone who wanted to get involved and plan a complementary side event. Not unlike ETHDenver, the event turned into an opportunity to meet and build alongside some of the biggest names in the industry: Austin Griffith, Stani and Protolambda participated as judges and mentors during the hackathon. This makes an equal or better 2022 lineup promising. Although judges and mentors are not announced yet, the 2022 edition will be sponsored by even more quality projects: Wallet Connect, ZKsync, IPFS/Filecoin, Euler Finance, Gnosis Chain, Ledger and, according to the organizers, more to come.

Lisbon, which was already a paradise for entrepreneurs and digital nomads quickly accelerated into a European crypto hub following Lisbon Blockchain Week. The rich culture, developed infrastructure, climate and proximity to the ocean attract talent from all over the world. Simão Cruz, managing partner of Lightshift Capital, described it as the following: “We can definitely feel the growing network and community spaces for crypto enthusiasts. People are coming here to be part of something bigger and events like ETHLisbon are important to use these new-found synergies and create more opportunities for everyone.”

How can you participate?

Hackers can apply to hack through the official website. Non-coders and those who want to contribute in other ways can start their own side event and submit it to the Lisbon Blockchain Month website — the organizers strongly encourage diversity and participation during these days. Most importantly, Lisbon is the perfect city to travel to for learning, networking and experiencing a unique, in-person community movement.