Hosted by TokenInsight, sponsored by ViaBTC, RockMiner, GSR, and 1475, The Top Hash Mining Industry Summit has been successfully held on 30th May 2020 in Chengdu, China

TokenInsight CEO Matt’s opened the summit: “TokenInsight is a Data & Tech-driven blockchain financial company, providing services such as rating, research, and finance.” During his speech, he also mentioned about Bitcoin’s nature nowadays has developed closer to the nature of gold.

TokenInsight CEO Matt Hu

TokenInsight CEO Matt Hu

"Mining Industry Data Analysis Report" delivered by TokenInsight partner Mark. He stated that: “Google search data on Bitcoin halving was 10 times higher than the last halving, the proportion of transaction fee from the total block reward was increased by more than 200% post-halving.”

ViaBTC's global strategic upgrade was announced during the summit. VP Eddie stated, “ViaBTC is committed to providing integrity, clear-minded, and one-stop-shop solutions for miners.”

ViaBTC has strict requirements on all aspects of the mining pool, and 70% of its computing power is located outside of China. ViaBTC’s strategice upgrade include three aspects: a new organizational structure, product innovations and service improvements. Operations of CoinEx exchange and ViaBTC mining pool will be integrated, deriving diversified product combinations. Intelligent mining functions and better service models were also launched to better serve miners’ needs.

Then, the launching ceremony of ViaBTC's global strategic branding upgrade began.

Launching ceremony of ViaBTC's global strategic branding upgrade

Round Table Discussion: The biggest changes in the mining industry post halving

Guests who were attending this roundtable discussion are Canaan Creative Shao Jianliang, eBroker Zhou Enfeng, CoinSoon Gao Shan, MCloud Shang Silin, Atlas Mining Ma Tengjiao, ValarHash Lu Yongshuang.

Jiangzhuoer, CEO of LTC Pool: The best mining mode for small investors is joint mining, sharing the advantages of large-scale miners, doing business in partnership with large-scale miners.

Song Zhengxin, head of GSR Asia Pacific: hedging in the financial sector, can increase market liquidity and improve the stability of miners' income. Bringing various values to different upstream and downstream institutions is precisely the value of GSR.

RockMiner Chairman Alex Lam: Rock Miners aims to limit market risks from the user's perspective, share market dividends, provide cloud computing power secondary market with the exchanges and wallets, and deliver accessible cloud mining-related product to its users.

Round Table Discussion: How can miners smoothly transform during this uncertainty market

Guests attending the roundtable discussion were: Alex Lam from Rock Miner, Zhuangzhong from, Yang Haibo from ViaBTC, GSR Song Zhengxin, Binance Mining Pool Wu Di, Huobi Mining Pool Li Yuzhe, and Zhang Lu from 360Power.

1475 Co-founder Andy: Filecoin will be an important ecosystem in the future. Since the beginning,1475 has focused on Filecoin's underlying research. The ultimate goal is to achieve the highest input-output ratio.

Round Table Discussion: Altcoin mining and IPFS opportunities

The guests who attended the round table discussion were: 1475 Mining Pool COO Zhang Li; DFG Crypto Partner Ni Kaihao; Co-founder Chu Xiuhong; Panda Miner COO Yang Xiao.