After the Italian experience of the AidCoin (AID) token, the cryptocurrency which is made in Italy, the country is once again at the forefront of promoting the combination of cryptocurrency and charity.

This time, the Italian Cripto Summit was held with an initiative in support of the AIRC Foundation for Cancer Research and was especially dedicated to children with leukemia and lymphomas, a tragedy that involves hundreds of new diagnoses every year in children between the ages of one and 14.

The Italian Cripto Summit, a free virtual event organized by cryptocurrency expert Dario Bonanno, took place from July 24 to 25. For Bonanno, the summit was born with a dual objective. He said:

 “My objective is to provide for free the correct tools to operate in this volatile world and at the same time help less fortunate people through an activity in which I believe very much, that of charity.”

Bonanno, one of the most requested private consultants in the field of cryptocurrencies in the country, gathered for the occasion with over 20 speakers, selected from the most authoritative managers, trainers and entrepreneurs in the various sectors of the crypto world.

The free event, which lasted for 25 hours, saw the presence of relevant operators such as Eugenio Benetazzo, Deborah Martino, Federico Pecoraro, Marco Cavicchioli and many others.

Bonanno said:

 “There are too many people who enter the world of cryptocurrencies pushed by an easy and illusory desire for quick earnings, while the reality is very different. Without the right notions and targeted preparation, in fact, the most concrete possibility is to lose money and to burn capital.”

The Italian Cripto Summit was therefore an excellent opportunity to approach the now-famous world of cryptocurrencies from scratch, starting from the description of what a Bitcoin (BTC) is, how it is essential to know its history to determine its future, and why it will revolutionize our future life.

“In the two days of the event, we started from the basics and then tackled more technical topics, for example, exchanges, decentralized finance and nonfungible tokens. Organizing this free event where members have been able to purchase registrations to contribute to fundraising seems like a good sign to help people get closer to cryptocurrencies while doing good. With our last summit we managed to donate over 5,000 euros, a figure that we hope to surpass with this year’s event,” concluded Bonanno.

Please visit this page for access to the recordings of the speeches and presentations at The Italian Cripto Summit.