The future of football and sports is being shaped by blockchain technology and the emerging Web3 ecosystem. The upcoming Fans Love It! Web3 football and sports conference, scheduled for June 10, 2023, is bringing together delegates from the football industry, innovative company experts and Web3 enthusiasts to discuss the latest trends in fan engagement and the role of digitalization in sports. 

The Fans Love It! Web3 football and sports conference will take place right before the world’s major football event — the Champions League final in Istanbul. Attendees can expect to learn about how blockchain technology and the Web3 ecosystem are revolutionizing the way fans interact with their favorite teams and players. Topics of discussion will include digital collectibles and nonfungible tokens (NFTs), fan tokens, the Metaverse and games.

Attendees will be treated to a series of interactive sessions, keynote speeches and panel discussions on the future of Web3 and its impact on the world of sports. Whether as a seasoned professional or just interested in the field, for attendees, Fans Love It! is a great opportunity to learn and connect with like-minded people.

“Our goal is to provide a platform for sports and tech professionals to come together and share their insights and experiences around fan engagement,” said Alex Shuhayeu, the event’s organizer. “We believe that the future of sports is all about creating a more immersive and interactive fan experience, and we’re excited to explore the latest developments in this field.”

The Fans Love It! Web3 football and sports conference promises to be an exciting event for anyone interested in the future of sports and technology. Tickets are available now on the site, and those looking to keep up with the event’s news can join its official Twitter or Telegram channels.