Bitcoin faucets have been the premier place to get people acquainted with cryptocurrency, yet none of the platforms in existence has been able to build a strong community. Up until now, that is, as Faucet Game is quickly becoming the hottest Bitcoin faucet to ever be created, thanks to its attractive design and social aspect.

Visitors of the Faucet Game website will immediately notice this is not your run-of-the-mill Bitcoin dispensing platform, but a premiere ecosystem where Bitcoin and social come together. Instead of swarming visitors with ads and low payouts, Faucet Game rewards its users handsomely, and encourages them to earn even more through the various game the platform supports.

Innovative game names are one of the reasons why Faucet Game users enjoy their stay on the platform. Everyone wants to see their earnings go up, and online other Bitcoin gambling sites, users have nothing to lose. Game Faucet only lets users spend the free Bitcoins they earn on the game, as deposits are prohibited other than for rank upgrades.

Not only does this encourage Faucet Game users to keep coming back and claim their rewards, but it is also an incentive to try out the various games the platform has to offer. But that is not the main selling point of this social Bitcoin faucet, as there is a dedicated chat room where users can earn even more by communicating in an active manner.

There are specific rules to abide by, such as no begging for tips, no spamming, and not using foul language. Links are allowed - even to competing faucets - but not to services that are classified as potential Ponzi schemes, including cloud mining, doublers, and investment programs. Faucet Game users should also steer away from making shady deals in the chat room, as well as sending harassing PMs to others.

Let It Rain Bitcoin!

Faucet Game users may find themselves on the receiving end of random showers, distributed among chat channel participants.Bitcoins will literally rain down on the users, which is a great stimulant to get visitors to engage and become a member of the Faucet Game community.

What sets Faucet Game truly apart from its competitors is how the 30 most active users in the chatroom will be rewarded by distributing equal portions of all of the collected Bitcoins in the past 59 minutes of every hour. So far, the biggest Bitcoin Rain was worth 0.19BTC, resulting in each winner receiving 0.0063 Bitcoin for being active in the past hour.

Combining this hourly chat lottery with available games designed to make the house lose on purpose makes Faucet Game a truly unique Bitcoin faucet. This is the only platform which will let its users win on purpose. Such an approach of putting the user first, rather than the site owner, is unprecedented in the Bitcoin faucet world.

User Ranks And RPG Addition

Rewards can be withdrawn to one’s Bitcoin wallet address, or used to upgrade the account level. A higher account level will lead to larger free rewards every day, which can be claimed after playing a predetermined amount of games of each type. There is also an option to upgrade to a VIP account, which is subject to specific monthly plans. In return for becoming a VIP, users will receive increased rewards, access to the VIP chat room, and a Auto-Play bot for all of their games.

If that wasn't enough to get people convinced, Faucet Game will soon be introducing an RPG game which can only be unlocked by VIP members for the price of 5 million Credits. The RPG will include a leveling system, PVP combat - to earn 20% bounty for slaying other players - and a shop store. Additionally, users will receive skills as they level up, all of which are subject to a countdown system. More information about the Faucet Game RPG will be released in the coming weeks, so make sure to follow them on Twitter!


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