Featured on Fox Business: Universal Labs‘ Ubbey Box Can Kill Dropbox, Apple

The Consensus conference held in New York saw a record attendance with more than 7,500 people attending. As one of the largest blockchain conference globally, Consensus have gathered many blockchain and crypto-enthusiasts to share their knowledge and learn from each other. Universal Labs founder Keda Che was invited to go on Fox Business to share his vision and how Universal Labs is disrupting the cloud storage space during this NYC Blockchain week.

Universal Labs founder Keda Che went on to the Fox Business “Countdown to the Closing Bell”, and discuss with anchor Liz Claman about how Ubbey Box is going to compete against Dropbox and Apple’s iCloud during the final hour of trading on Wall Street.

Universal Labs is building a blockchain solutions designed to facilitate digitalization of asset ownership and making it transferable through the help of Ubbey Network and the Ownership (OWP) protocol. Ubbey Network is powered by Ubbey Box, our blockchain personal cloud device that also act as a node in the network.

Universal Labs

Ubbey Box is the first decentralized personal cloud powered by blockchain. It has 2 functions: firstly, it can be used as a private dropbox - users can upload their files or other content using their Ubbey Box and access it from everywhere. Secondly, it can also be used as a mining machine to mine YOU token, which will be rewarded to users when they contribute their storage space to the Ubbey network.

The YOU token within the Ubbey ecosystem acts as an incentive which encourage users to contribute their storage to the network so that other users could better utilized the idle storage. 

With Ubbey Box on hand, users could free themselves from the iCloud with more secure protection. Ubbey Box provide a different layer of security to the system. A centralized system like Apple Cloud may face some problems such as hacking and content missing, while Ubbey Box is decentralized so that it is nearly impossible for hackers to hack every single nodes.

Universal Labs create the Ubbey Box not only for the blockchain professionals, but also for average consumers who are not blockchain enthusiasts, we aims to provide a product powered by blockchain that everyone can use and through that experience blockchain technology.

Among all powerful competitors such as Intel, google, Cisco, Apple,