Feed Every Gorilla (FEG), a community-driven platform, is on a mission within the sphere of decentralized finance (DeFi). FEG aims to redefine DeFi through innovative technology, such as SmartDeFi. Furthermore, is there anything more stable than stablecoins such as Tether (USDT) and USD Coin (USDC)? FEG is here to challenge the most prevalent stablecoins in existence today with the Universal Stable Cent Token (USCT). Change is coming.

What makes SmartDeFi unique?

SmartDeFi is “completely unruggable with guaranteed value through asset-backing,” according to senior FEG leader, Chris. Every SmartDeFi token is fully backed by its base asset, guaranteeing the tokens’ baseline value is secured from suffering loss. Base assets are the assets the tokens are traded against.

Does the baseline value increase?

Absolutely, the baseline value can never decrease. A set percentage of every buy/sell is given to the asset-backing pool. This asset-backing pool is secured inside the SmartDeFi tokens’ smart contract. As a result, investors enjoy a perpetual increase of the SmartDeFi tokens’ baseline value.


How is the value guaranteed?

The asset-backing can be recovered instantly by burning SmartDeFi tokens for their share of asset-backing. This guarantees that every SmartDeFi token will always have value, regardless of the market price. The baseline value will always increase with every transaction, resulting in the formation of a baseline value that can never decrease.

What is the “model home” of SmartDeFi technology?

ROX is the first-ever SmartDeFi token that acts as the “model home” of this breakthrough technology. Many investors of ROX strongly believe that ROX is a better store of value than Bitcoin (BTC). On November 4, 2021, the market price of ROX reached an all-time high of $58,322.94 on the Ethereum network, becoming the second most valuable token per token in the world, right behind Bitcoin. The FEG team is confident that ROX will be the most valuable token in the world of cryptocurrency.

ROX is available on FEGexchange (FEGex) at fegex.com.

FEG has another innovation coming: The world’s first-ever truly stable token, USCT.

Many investors are aware of the most commonly used stablecoins such as USDT and USDC. However, FEG will release the first-ever truly stable token called Universal Stable Cent Token, or USCT. According to our senior leader, “everyone else did it incorrectly by using a stable dollar.” With USCT, there will be zero decimals, which cannot be split and is the lowest unit in its system. On the other hand, USDT can vary six decimals. Cents are the lowest denominator, it is impossible to ever move even 1 trillionth of a fraction with USCT. This will eliminate any chances of arbitraging with stablecoins and make USCT a source of pure stability. Why use a dollar as the stable value when true money goes by a lower unit? The lowest unit is not dollars, it is cents.

Learn more about Universal Stable Cent Token (USCT).

The entire FEG team has worked diligently with the community to develop solutions to welcome new cryptocurrency investors into the DeFi space safely to drive adoption in this lucrative area through SmartDeFi and the upcoming true stablecoin, USCT.

To stay updated on all things FEG, check out FEGcentral, the central hub for everything that the FEG community uses to stay in the loop. For inquiries, contact senior FEG leader, Chris, at chris@fegtoken.com or follow @FEGchris on Twitter.