PFSForce, the Web3 infrastructure service provider focused on technology research and development in distributed storage, has revealed early details of FIL-Singapore, APAC’s largest gathering of the Filecoin community. The summit will take place on Sept. 26 and 27 in one of Singapore’s most recognizable landmarks, the Marina Bay Sands.

The two-day event will convene builders, developers and investors from across the Filecoin ecosystem, bringing the community together for workshops, hackathons, panels, networking and more — all dedicated to expanding the Filecoin network and growing the Web3 ecosystem. The leaders in cryptography, information preservation, decentralized finance and crypto assets set to speak at the conference include:

  • Juan Benet, founder of Protocol Labs
  • Aaron Maniam, deputy secretary for industry and information at the Ministry of Communications and Information of Singapore
  • Marta Belcher, president and chair at Filecoin Foundation
  • Emma Cui from LongHash Ventures
  • Masa “Senshi” Kakiya from Secured Finance AG
  • Ryan Fay, chief information and strategy officer at Edgevana
  • Clara Tsao, co-founding officer at Filecoin Foundation
  • Steven Li, co-founder and chief technical officer at IPFS Force
  • Bobby Ong from CoinGecko
  • Colin Evran from Protocol Labs

Topics to be discussed include progress updates on the Filecoin Roadmap, the latest on Filecoin Virtual Machine, Filecoin cryptoeconomics and more. 

Colin Evran, Filecoin ecosystem lead at Protocol Labs, said, “We are excited to celebrate another major Filecoin community conference in APAC. Centered in the beating heart of the emerging tech world, the city of Singapore will provide a great hub for this collaborative summit among developers, storage clients, storage providers and the broader community. This marks a high point of years of innovation and hard work from the Filecoin and IPFS communities. We’re excited to celebrate the achievements and progress of the network while also helping define the future of global decentralized storage and Web3 adoption.

Filecoin is the world’s largest decentralized storage network set to rival cloud-storage giants such as AWS, Google Cloud and Dropbox. Filecoin’s marketplace creates a unique sharing economy, aligning incentives and pragmatically rewarding useful and reliable storage to drive an unprecedented economy of scale for pricing storage solutions. Designed to underpin a more resilient internet, Filecoin’s committed storage capacity has grown steadily since 2020 to over 18,250 exbibytes, equivalent to approximately 1014 million copies of Wikipedia or 54.1 million hours of 4.3K recording. The network capacity comes from over 4,000 decentralized storage providers distributed around the globe. The ecosystem has grown to over 330 projects, up from 40 at the start of 2021. Various use cases have emerged, including NFTs, Web3, gaming, the Metaverse and audio/video.

Tim Guo from IPFS Force said: “FIL-Singapore will bring together the visionaries of numerous projects in the ecosystem in one place, and we can’t wait to see what new and exciting ideas emerge.”

FIL Singapore is open to everyone and provides a unique opportunity to learn, build, connect and venture into the exciting prospects of the future of Web3. Registration for the event is open now.

Colin Evran, Filecoin ecosystem lead at Protocol Labs, is available for interview.

About IPFSForce

IPFSForce is the Web3 infrastructure service provider focused on technology research and development in distributed storage. One of the earliest blockchain-based Web3 communities in China, IPFSForce has conducted technology research and development in blockchain since 2017. With the vision of being Web3’s infrastructure service provider, IPFSForce is working to make storage more efficient, economical, open and safe. Force Community is a leading Web3 community with years of experience within the blockchain industry, and encourages and supports people to build with Web3.