Binance Coin (BNB), the currency fueling the Binance exchange, is the latest cryptocurrency to join the Freewallet platform.

Freewallet has once again expanded its list of available cryptocurrencies, this time adding one of the most high profile coins on the market in Binance Coin. Binance Coin was launched in the summer of 2017 as a native means for users to pay transaction fees on the Binance exchange. As of press time, Binance Coin is ranked seventh on CoinMarketCap with a price above $22,45 and a total market cap just about $3,5 billion.

This listing comes as Binance has been busy making what could play out to be paradigm shifting moves. Earlier this year Binance rolled out BinanceDex, a p2p-style exchange where traders are in charge of all transactions. The decentralized exchange is situated on Binance’s independent blockchain, Binance Chain, which also launched earlier this year.

The launch of the decentralized version of their exchange followed on the heels of the rollout of Binance Singapore, the exchange’s latest expansion of their fiat-to-crypto service.

The addition of Binance Coin is another breakthrough for Freewallet which continues to position itself as the go-to service for navigators of the cryptoworld. Now Freewallet users can enjoy all the benefits of the platform, including:

  • Fee-free instant transactions within the network
  • Funding the wallet with almost any cryptocurrency
  • Tracking BNB price in fiat currencies (USD, EUR, JPY, GBP, and others)
  • Exchange Binance coin to any other cryptocurrency without leaving the wallet
  • And top of the line security while trading and storing Binance Coin, including 2FA, cold storage, multisig.

Binance Coin will be supported by Freewallet: Crypto Wallet. The cryptocurrency for the popular Binance exchange will available on Android and the web, with iOS coming soon.

Solomon Brown, head of PR at Freewallet, had this to add:

“We are pleased that we can now offer our users another top-10 coin, a coin that looks, by every metric in the book, to only be growing in significance with time. This is another step forward to where we want to be, which is the position of skeleton key to the crypto world.”

About Binance Coin

Binance Coin was launched by the Binance exchange as a means for users to cover transaction fees in 2017. Since becoming available, BNB has risen to stand among the top ten currencies on the market in terms of market cap.

About Freewallet

Freewallet offers a wide range of crypto wallets for over 100 coins and tokens on the web and for iOS and Android devices. The Freewallet Family also includes 30+ standalone applications dedicated to a single cryptocurrency and Freewallet Lite – an HD wallet for iOS and Android.