How are the latest technologies changing the way we do business, manage life, serve customers and enjoy entertainment? What role will people play in this changing world?

The first Future Go Tech Summit, a conference on technological trends, will be held on Oct. 6 and 7 at DasDas in Istanbul. The program addresses four key audiences — consumer, business, management and entertainment — and explores today’s technological shifts from each of their points of view. The two days of the summit will feature lectures, keynote speeches, panel discussions and roundtable sessions dedicated to the most critical and contentious topics in today’s world: from biohacking and the limits facing both humankind and technology to the blockchain’s role in e-voting and the potential for hyperpersonalized content.

The summit will bring together more than 500 guests, including industry leaders like Mohammad Nur-A-Alam from Nokia, Nainan Shah from Sony Playstation, Kristina Lucrezia Cornèr from Cointelegraph, Stewart Rogers from Dataconomy and Sharon Epskamp from House of Flux.

The main agenda at Future Go is just the beginning. A rich parallel program that goes beyond entertainment has been organized: each guest, from tech enthusiasts to world-class CEOs, will have the opportunity to engage with each other in the spheres they know best. They can rub elbows with their colleagues at a midnight cocktail party, offer 50-word pitches of their own, and listen to big shots and thought leaders tell stories about their own worst mistakes. There’s something for everyone at Future Go.

The Future Go Award, the signature event of the summit, will highlight leaders in tech and blockchain who are driving the digital world forward. The award is broken into three categories: the Beyond Innovation Award, the Seamless Integration Award and Best Local Technology Project. A panel of 12 esteemed industry experts will select visionaries who have demonstrated a profound understanding of user challenges and crafted technological solutions to address them. The awards ceremony (and afterparty) will serve as the summit’s final accord and the cornerstone for its optimistic outlook on the future.

Over the two days of the summit, DasDas will be transformed from a concert hall into a cutting-edge technological hub. This is the ideal setting for each attendee to cultivate their own global network of tech leaders, find inspiration, learn about the latest and greatest in tech, participate in keynotes and workshops full of distinctive and insightful perspectives, and revitalize their own work with innovations and insights. Most importantly of all, Future Go will be a platform for each attendee to share their own transformative ideas — and go on to make them a reality.