Group Futurista is a global tech-based event company. It has organized numerous technology summits across Europe over the past two years. To keep up with developments in the industry amid the current pandemic situation, Group Futurista launched the “FutureCast Series of Webinars,” a part of which was the future of “Cloud Security Management.”

This webinar was a tremendous success and gave a lot of insights on how cloud security works and what practices can be facilitated in the cloud to preclude people’s precious data from getting stolen or ending up in the hands of any unauthorized parties. The webinar was a fun and interactive session, and it was informative in terms of emerging cybersecurity threats and how to prevent them. This was yet another fruitful webinar was hosted by Richard Hurst.

The expert speakers from various industries spoke at length about the various aspects of the future of cloud security. Steven Frank from Wells Fargo spoke about the Three-card Monte: cards, mobile and security. Michael Isbitski from Salt Security spoke about myth-buster APIs and debunked five dangerous myths. Or Priel from Ernectic gave details on how to protect the largest attack surface on cloud infrastructure. Paul Lanois from Fieldfisher spoke about misconfigurations, inadequate changes, control and how they are a top threat to cloud computing. 

Furthermore, the panel discussion was the best segment of the webinar. The panelists were also joined by Mihai Saveschi from CIBC, who, along with all the keynote speakers, delivered a riveting discussion on trends in cloud security: What new changes will prevail in the year 2021? 

Lastly, this webinar was concluded by announcing the upcoming “Reimagining Digital Identity During and After COVID 19 for FI 6.0,” which will be held on March 24, 2021. 

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