GameCredits, a blockchain company driving innovation in the gaming industry, will release an SDK that will give even more opportunities to developers using the Unity game-development engine. This SDK will allow developers to directly publish their games on a mobile game store powered by GameCredits.

Unity is the clear market leader in game-development tools, with over 2.4 billion mobile devices running Unity-made games globally. With access to such a large and growing market, the announcement represents a huge boost for GameCredits and all its stakeholders.

The SDK roll-out will enable game-developers to access GameCredits’ mobile app store, which is based on blockchain technology.

Mobile game developers can expect numerous benefits including:

  • Smooth and simple publishing for all Unity-made games
  • 60-hour payouts (instead of the industry standard 60 days)
  • Lower commission fees that give developers 90% of income from payments (instead of 70%)
  • Ability to integrate GameCredits as a payment method for in-app purchases Advanced fraud protection

The announcement was made this Thursday in Austin, Texas – at Unity's Unite conference – by GameCredits CEO and GNation president Sergey Sholom.

“This SDK for Unity is just the first part of a much larger plan. We’re working to introduce novel forms of competitive gameplay and player-audience participation made possible by the use of blockchain technology. In one swift move, GameCredits is introducing blockchain to its largest audience yet,” Sholom said.

Moreover, this announcement brings GameCredits a step closer to accomplishing its goal of uniting all gamers and game developers under one common nation – GNation.

GNation will stand as an umbrella for all GameCredits activities in the gaming industry, with the aim of fostering a community founded on common needs and values. That translates into something very simple: giving gamers and game developers the acknowledgment they deserve.

“GNation is an ecosystem the will help game developers financially and give gamers a better experience than ever before,” Sholom said.

“We will provide a united voice for all those who love and put their energy into gaming.”

About GameCredits

GameCredits is an international, multicultural company striving to transform the gaming industry with its GameCredits digital currency (GAME) and a suite of other blockchain-based products. Founded in 2016 in Belgrade, Serbia, GameCredits now employs a team of more than 100 people across 10 offices in five countries.

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