We know you’ve been waiting, the time is here...

Gimli is excited to announce its sale of Gimli (GIM) tokens! The token sale starts September 16, 2017 and the official presale starts September 1, 2017. More details about the token launch can be found below.

Reserve your spot in the pre sale waitlist today at http://eepurl.com/cZz90r!

What is Gimli?

Built on the Ethereum blockchain, Gimli is the first fully decentralized application for live stream bets and interactions, including votes, donations and tournament prize pooling.

Gimli empowers streamers by enabling them to engage their audience directly, thereby controlling and increasing novel revenue opportunities. Gimli decentralizes the betting process and hands control back to the streamers and fans.

The Gimli team is solid comprised of leaders and innovators from  Harvard, MIT, Columbia, and devs from Counterparty.io and Alexandria.io, partnered and collaborating with world renowned streamers and world champion pro gamers with several million followers.

Use of proceeds

Among other purposes, proceeds will serve to:

  • Attract and retain a world class team of insiders, experts and advisors
  • Develop the Gimli application, functionalities, and subsequent iterations
  • Sponsor tournaments, professional gaming teams and/or streamers to spread the adoption of Gimli
  • Promote the use of Gimli on all streaming media channels and in the eSports community
  • Execute legal and compliance aspects

Roadmap and Milestones

Alpha versions of the betting and voting contracts have already been released on testnet and are available for testing at http://demo.gimli.io.

In the coming six months following the token sale, we plan to:

  • Acquire betting licenses in initial countries
  • Release a public beta of the betting contracts on the mainnet
  • Release a beta of the widget for streamers and and viewers
  • Integrate an exchange widget to make GIM easily available and transactable
  • Grow the Gimli team and user base

And in the following year, we plan to:

  • Automate streamer onboarding and validation
  • Develop a web app and chrome plugin
  • Additional customization of the betting process for streamers and viewers

Long term, we plan to develop and organize tournament prize pooling, allow odds market making and move towards an oracle-based bet resolution system.

More details about our roadmap can be found here. We'll be updating the roadmap as we progress.

Please reach out to us and stay informed via our Slack Channel or through our Discord. We will be posting constant updates through these channels. Looking forward to having you all join us on this revolutionary journey to push eSports further!

Reserve your spot in the pre sale waitlist today here!

Company name: Gimli

Company site: http://gimli.io/

Email: contact@gimli.io