Startup Goal Bonanza led by founding partner Veljko Ristic and a seasoned team of internet technology professionals announces the launch of its crowdsale starting on October 1st 2017, to fund the development and launch of a revolutionary football betting platform based on ERC20 token standard and smart contracts technology.

Build on ethereum blockchain platform and adopting ethereum as the underlying game currency, Goal Bonanza is a self-regulated platform that respects players’ privacy and doesn’t require any identity verification, submission of forms of identification, credit card or bank account details.

Early investors can expect a special discount of 66.67% should they decide to buy GOAL tokens in the pre-sale round and returns in value of up to 600% in year 1 after product launch.

Goal Bonanza combines lottery mechanics and football betting to unlock the potential of unlimited returns for players, but also requires betting skills and football know-how as well. Unlike traditional bookmakers and betting exchanges that offer unattractive odds and low returns, in the Goal Bonanza lottery, the size of the pot drives the potential returns. The bigger the pot is, the bigger the potential returns are. The bigger the potential returns are, the bigger the incentive to place a bet for a chance to win big returns. For example, 80,000 players wager a total of 100,000 GOAL tokens worth $1 each, on a single football game. 180 tokens are wagered on 0-0, a scoreless draw. If the game ends 0-0, the players that wagered those 180 tokens will split the winnings proportionally. Every winning token generates a return of 555 GOAL tokens or $555. No traditional bookmaker or a betting exchange can match this returns on a 0-0 final score bet.

“At this point, we are very excited from the positive feedback we are getting from the ethereum community and the interest for our product in the betting marketplace.”

- Founding partner Veljko Ristic.

In addition to the unique game mechanics, Goal Bonanza taps into basic desires and needs of users’ impulses which revolve around the idea of status, achievement, competition and community collaboration. The gamification mechanics motivate users to engage and play in order to win rewards, badges, and points that are used to elevate their status and privileges, and to showcase their talents, expertise, and accomplishments.

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Company name: Goal Bonanza

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