The Graph Foundation has announced dates for Graph Day and Hack, a four-day event on June 2 to 5, 2022 that will take place at the Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco. On June 2, Graph Day will bring together the most prolific builders in Web3 for a day of discussions and presentations on new technology developments that will power the golden age of decentralized apps.

For anyone looking to break into a new Web3 career or be inspired to create the next big thing in Web3, Graph Day and Hack will be the perfect opportunity to connect with the luminaries shaping the future of Web3 and dive into the world of builders, developers, thought leaders and enthusiasts.

The Graph co-founders Yaniv Tal and Brandon Ramirez are set to highlight the transformative work of the network, and share exciting new announcements with both the Web3 community and the crypto-curious. New developments in the Web3 ecosystem will be announced, along with groundbreaking new research in cryptography.

Contributors from The Defiant, Reciprocal Ventures, Livepeer, CoinFund, Figment, Audius, Arweave, Uniswap Labs and more will join a full day of talks and panel discussions covering a wide range of topics from decentralization, Web3 infrastructure, DAOs, DeFi and the evolution of The Graph Network.

“Graph Day and Hack is going to be the year’s highlight for Web3. The community is coming in from all over the world for the largest Web3 event San Francisco has ever seen,” shared Tegan Kline, co-founder and head of business at Edge and Node. “Within The Graph’s ecosystem, community and connectivity are extremely important. We are bringing everyone together to catalyze the next wave of change that will redefine the internet as we know it. Graph Day and Hack welcomes all, whether you are in Web2, traditional finance, the gig economy, trying to break into the world of Web3, or deep within the Web3 space, all are welcome. This event unites the brightest minds across a variety of disciplines to learn about new innovations and collaborate to impact the future of the internet themselves. Cannot wait to see everyone there!”

The Graph Hack will follow the in-person event on June 3 to 5, a three-day hackathon that invites developers to build new applications and use cases for The Graph and other important Web3 technologies. There are over $400,000 in bounties from 36 Graph Hack sponsors to be awarded during The Graph Hack hackathon. There are five platinum sponsors: Coinbase, Near, Celo, Polygon and Figment. Additional sponsors include Filecoin, Decentraland, the Ethereum Foundation, BNB Chain, Chainlink, Avalanche, Ledger, Uniswap Grants and more.

“Decentralized Web3 infrastructure is paramount to creating a robust, resilient Web3,” said Eva Beylin, director of The Graph Foundation. “Graph Day unites the Web3 community to usher in the next phase of the internet with the revelation of exciting developments across the Web3 stack, while Graph Hack creates a plethora of opportunities for hackers, creatives and innovators to shine by building the decentralized applications of tomorrow.”

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