Group Futurista launches its first in the series of the ‘Futurecast Webinar Series’ - with an eye on the post-Covid 19 business landscape which is expected to herald a leap in online economic activity. The Futurecast Webinar will address questions around the interplay and relationship between Artificial Intelligence and Human Intelligence and the way the two can be used to aid each other. 

The Gold Sponsor for the Webinar is Grabba.

Grabba is a global name and authority in the field of identity validation and data processing using mobile solutions. 

In a world facing unprecedented security challenges, Grabba is simplifying safe and secure identity validation to lead customers to a future where they can secure ownership of their own identity. Grabba has a strong footprint in Australia, Europe, the Middle East, and the United States.

Accompanying sponsors for the Webinar series are: 

– Boloro Global Limited, transaction authentication, and mobile payment network which facilitates e-commerce through secure financial systems, with patents in almost 50 countries so far. Boloro Global provides its customers including Governments, banks, and retailers, with immediate, user-friendly, secure, and fraud-free authentication processes.

– ID R&D, an award-winning company that has successfully developed AI-powered voice, face, and behavioral identification systems with one of the strongest R&D teams in the field of innovative biometrics.

– V2verify, a company that provides cutting edge text and language-independent voice biometric systems using Artificial Intelligence. 

Partner sponsors for the Futurecast Webinars Series are Facephi, IDnow, OneSpan.

Topic: "Reimagining Digital Identity after COVID 19  for FI.” 

Date and Day – 30th April 2020, Thursday 

Time: 2:00 PM BST

Hosted in partnership with Mastercard, ING Bank & Scotia bank.

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