Excitement is building in the tech community in Georgia as Tbilisi gears up to host Hack Days Georgia 2023, a hackathon that promises to bring together builders from various domains spanning Web3, AI, gaming, infrastructure and consumer tech. This highly anticipated event, taking place from Sept. 29 to Oct. 1, is set to fuel three days of intensive exploration of innovation and collaboration. The hackathon boasts a prize pool of up to $30,000 in grants and will also mark the launch of the inaugural Nico Kvar Prize, a tribute to a visionary young entrepreneur who left an indelible mark on Georgia’s tech landscape.

Nico Kvar: Inspiring a generation

Nico Kvaratskhelia, an innovative entrepreneur from Georgia and inspiration for many young minds in the country, made waves with his achievements. He launched Feedc, the nation’s first global social media platform, which rapidly gained 1 million monthly active users within a year — an impressive feat given Georgia’s population of 3.6 million. Moreover, Feedc briefly surpassed internet traffic giants, claiming the lion’s share of internet traffic in Georgia for a period of time.

In 2021, Nico began actively working on the development of a content distribution Web3 platform built on Solana and other blockchain platforms. Incubated by the team at Gagra Ventures, after six months of active development on this highly ambitious project, it gained recognition as a top contender at the first Solana Breakpoint Hackathon. Tragically, his journey was cut short. Gagra Ventures team, together with the foundation created in Nico’s name are now on a mission to inspire the best talent from the region, just as he would have had his plana been realized.

Hack Days Georgia 2023: A celebration of innovation in Tbilisi

Designed to support innovation and creativity, the Nico Kvar Prize will be the biggest single prize given to the best founder, team or project of Hack Days Georgia.

The hackathon is extending an enthusiastic welcome to builders, not only from Georgia but also from the broader region. Its aim is to create a melting pot of ideas and perspectives. The event, spanning three intense days, will be held in the vibrant city of Tbilisi, renowned for its burgeoning tech scene. A panel of esteemed judges, comprising both local and international figures from the venture and tech sectors, will oversee the hackathon.

To complete the registration form and access detailed information, visit the event’s official website. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to the organizers via email.