By design, Nolcha Shows has become anticipated and integral for fully experiencing Art Basel. The Nolcha Shows infuses the art world with the Web3 space, pioneering the relationships between fashion, art and technology. Mark Manginelli, Head of Web3 Partnerships at LandVault and co-founder of Ready Player Dao said that Nolcha Shows kicked off with the absolute best event during Art Basel at Hyde Beach at SLS Hotel. The energy and vibe were unlike anything else the rest of the week. It was a special event for the entire Web3 ecosystem. The Nolcha team brought together the industry’s best innovators and brands. The live performances, activations and digital and phygital art throughout the entire venue made it a truly amazing experience. 

Art by Jenni Pasanen

Art by Jenni Pasanen

The Nolcha Shows event amplified brand value during Art Basel 2022 by partnering with leaders in Web3 who aim to educate and entertain. The evening was about not only being a spectator of art, but participating as part of an experiential evening alongside the artists.

Artist Ragzy X mentioned:

“The event was a great celebration of the new digital era.”

In partnership with leading NFT marketplace MakersPlace, the event featured the following acclaimed digital artists: Abderrahim El Asraoui, Austin Wilde, Banksy, Baby Shark, Biju, Chelsea Evenstar, Daniel Martin, Dunja Jung, Frenetik Void, Gala Mirissa, Henrik Uldalen, The Holoverse, Indrani Mitra, Jaka Prawira, Jrdsctt, Jenni Pasanen, Kira Bursky, Kior, Lushsux, Luis Toledo Laprisamata, Marco Santini, Mark Constantine Inducil, Mikko Lyytinen, Empress Trash, Musketon, Nadiia Forkosh, Neosutras, ONEFALLART, Pixelated Heroes by Rewind Collective, Perry Cooper, Ragzy, REY, Reinhard Schmid, Skeenee, Spaced Painter, Santiago Pani, Talia Zoref, Uwe Heine Debrodt, Vakseen, Victor Duarte, Victor Moatti, Violetta Palak Jones, Voke, Yonee, and Youssef Berkane.

Anne Oullet, chief marketing officer at Galxe, said:

“At Galxe, we help creators better engage with their audience by rewarding them with NFTs, and it’s always great for us to go out and experience it in real life! We’ve been attending and sponsoring The Nolcha Shows during NFT.NYC, Consensus, Bitcoin Miami and Art Basel. The event is a great way for us to meet our Web3 partners and users all while interacting with the art and activations throughout the venue.”

The following artists were also featured: Jack Storms, Endstate, Crashpunks, Jo Jerusalem, Gretta Kruesi, Living Opera, Zevi G, Kfir Moyal, AToP, Alex Alpert, GRACE.BTC, Killer GF and Super Buddha.

Leonard Kish, co-founder of Cortex, said:

“The Nolcha Shows exceeded all expectations on the part of Cortex and Ape.Cloud. We met and had amazing placement for leaders across the Web3 space with a place to talk, impeccable vibes and a huge event that still felt intimate. Way to go Arthur Mandel and the Nolcha team.”

Leading as the title partner for the event was LIFE, an online booking platform that recently launched, offering hotel reservations and experiences that can be digitized and converted into tradable, collectible NFTs.

Art by Artist Empress Trash​​​​​​​

Art by Artist Empress Trash

Attending guest Kyriaki Chonacas of the She’s All Over the Place NFT Podcast mentioned:

“Nolcha Shows at the SLS was riveting, next level with so many eclectic artists entertaining the soul in a whole new adventurous way! I was personally impressed with the organization, flow, brands, talent and wonderful friends that I got to spend quality moments with and new connections I was able to create.”

The event also highlighted innovative companies, including:

  • Endstate, which collaborates with world class athletes, artists, and creators to create premium signature sneakers and apparel linked to NFTs.
  • Cortex Network, which launched a Web3 content sharing network with leading domain Ape Cloud.
  • CrashPunks, the first NFT collection on Bitcoin with an animated series that was created with AI and AR/VR tech engaged guests onsite through interactive storytelling.
  • Consumer brand InstaSleep featured their Mint Melts, a drug-free sleep aid mint that helps you fall asleep and wake up without morning grogginess.

Guest Carley Beck mentioned, “ The Nolcha Shows is positioning itself in all the best places. Art, tech, fashion, Web3 native collabs, panels and mixed industries. I’m impressed with what Arthur is building and executing in the space. Cultural events that showcase, entertain, educate and mix ideas are the future.

 About Nolcha Shows NYFW Web3 edition

Nolcha Shows is a collection of leading award-winning experiential Web3 events. Over the past 15 years, the Nolcha Shows has become a discovery platform, promoting cutting-edge and innovative brands. The uniqueness of Nolcha Shows is connecting and building communities across the dynamic industries of art and tech-driven Web3. Upcoming Nolcha Shows Web3 events include NFT.NYC on April 12, 2023, Bitcoin Miami on May 18, 2023, NYFW on Sept. 10, 2023 and Art Basel on Dec. 6, 2023.

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