With the radical digitalization of everything around us, the literary world seems to have taken the worst hit. Authorship.com is a soon to be launched decentralized online platform created to overcome this problem that mars everyone in the literary society – including authors, publishers, translators, and readers.

Authorship has finally opened its doors. The much awaited ICO to buy the crypto-currency is a golden opportunity for investors to benefit from the project that is a big step towards fulfilling the long-held dream of decentralizing the internet.

According to the formulated plan, 80% of the total 100 million ATS tokens will be sold to investors, whereas the remaining 20% are reserved for the first 100,000 authors who will register at the platform. The authors will get their share of tokens on monthly basis, according to a predetermined schedule.

The upcoming platform is backed by the team of Serious Reading and their vast experience in book promotion. All transactions on this decentralized platform will be made in the form of ATS tokens, which ensures smart and secure transfers of crypto-assets held by the platform and its members.

Talking to us about the venture, the team representative N. Warfield said, “We’re excited! This is something we’ve been working on for quite a while now and it makes us extremely proud to say that we are finally pushing for the finish line with this project. As you already know, Authorship is all about facilitating and encouraging existing and budding authors, readers, translators and printing facilities, to do what they do best. This platform will be the convenience they need to grow in terms of both wealth and profession/interest/business. But we don’t just stop there; with convenience, we want these people to have financial security too. This is why we will make sure that all our members (authors, translators, and publishers) have guaranteed monthly earnings through the platform.”

In addition to this, Authorship will bring a host of opportunities for publishers and translators as well. So, no matter which part of the world you are living in and whether you are a reader, publisher or translator, if you are at Authorship, you will be in touch with large numbers of both established and emerging authors from all continents. With such large numbers of people from every part of the world, the platform will also be an amazing place for businesses to market their products and services in Authorship’s reading apps.

Once launched, Authorship might prove to be a revolutionary platform that facilitates and promotes the literary community across the globe.

Company name: Authorship
Company site: http://authorship.com
Company contacts: N. Warfield