Kodinar Berhad launches ICO for their latest product. 

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – 23 August, 2017

The surge in the growth of digital currencies has been exponential with Bitcoin leading the masses. Thanks to Satoshi Nakamoto, the way transactions are managed have eliminated the need for intermediaries and consequently, reducing cost of transactions. Bitcoin has changed the way transactions happen, ensuring that all transactions are transparent and its integrity remained. 

Kodinar Berhad is a cooperative that aims to leverage the blockchain technology and enhance its usage and applications to the benefit of its members and the wider population. The long awaited ICO to buy PitisCoin will open the doors to investors to join the community in a profitable project. The cooperative has already launched their own multi-crypto wallet that can be used to spend, buy and sell any of the 8 cryptocurrencies supported. 

“We are excited to announce our very first ICO to fund our latest project that we are confident will bring huge returns for our backers,” says Chairman of Kodinar Berhad, Hj. Mohd Razaimie Hj Abd Rahim. “We want to create a sustainable ecosystem for our members and supporters so that they can benefit from the use of PitisCoin.” 

The ICO will fund the cooperative in acquiring a mining farm and they believe they will start making profit on mining in the second month. According to the cooperative’s spokesperson, “Pitiscoin is a payment method, just like Bitcoin, but our aim for it is so much more ambitious. We want holders to earn profit in exchange for purchasing the token. At the same time, we want everyone to be able to use PitisCoin at as many merchants as they can choose, and our partnerships with a number of online stores will secure that. Ultimately, we want to see people use PitisCoin alongside fiat currency anywhere, everywhere.” PitisCoin can be used as a medium of payment in the online businesses that have partnered with Kodinar Berhad in this project. The company also plans to launch new apps and products in the coming months. 

Join the ICO this coming September

The first wave starts on September 1 and the second wave starts on September 16. A total of 1 billion PitisCoin will be sold throughout the ICO. 

This is an opportunity that no one should miss. Buy PitisCoin and earn profits while you are holding it, or have the freedom to spend it at the many stores that accepts payment in Pitiscoin. The choice is in your hand. 

To learn more about the ICO launch visit the website at https://www.pitiscoin.com