With the current increase in the price of Bitcoin, and with it estimated to reach a higher value over the next couple of weeks, now is the perfect time to submit your Initial Public Offering (IPO) at BTCPOP. The increase has bought with it a new wave of users who are looking to invest in the crypto-currency, which is great news for people who have brilliant business ideas, as it means your IPO is more likely to be funded faster; combined with the high value Bitcoin has at the moment, you’ll definitely have your business started in no time!

BTCPOP currently have six IPO’s listed on their website, but they have had over 30 funded IPO’s in the past five months. This is still a relatively new feature for BTCPOP, but is widely used by investors. Lee Bartholomew, CEO of BTCPOP said “Due to the sudden increase in the price of Bitcoin, now is a fantastic time for borrowers to create an IPO. Borrowers who submit an IPO are more likely to get it funded faster as they’ll need less Bitcoin to do so, and there’s a higher chance investors will want to invest in you for the same reason.”

It is such a crucial time for the world of Bitcoin and BTCPOP know this. The Voucher Exchange is now a permanent feature at BTCPOP and is no longer in Beta Testing mode. Having the voucher system on the website that also offers P2P loans makes trading currencies so much easier. Mr Bartholomew said “I’m very proud to have the Voucher Exchange on the website. It’s especially useful for people who have loans or IPO’s with BTCPOP as those users can now exchange their Bitcoin [or AltCoins] for money directly, without being diverted to another website.”

This is really exciting time for Bitcoin users and a great opportunity for people to become invested with the crypto-currency. It’s also a brilliant time for investors to invest in new and upcoming projects, ideas and businesses. By investing in one of the IPO’s BTCPOP have listed (with more soon to come) you’ll have the chance to become a shareholder to the next best businesses.

Visit www.btcpop.co to create or invest in an IPO, buy and/or sell your bitcoin for your national currency with the Voucher Exchange and also invest your bitcoin to the BTCPOP 5% APR Savings Account to make your money go further.

It’s also worth noting that BTCPOP’s most current promotion means that the next (or first) time you deposit to the website, means that you’ll receive up to a 10% bonus. All the more reason to register/sign into BTCPOP today!