The Indian economy is expected to grow by 5.9% in 2024 and is set to contribute 15% to the global economy. With the largest trader and investor community, India ranks top-10 in the world’s total online trading volume in different segments like Indian stocks, U.S. stocks, currencies, virtual assets, commodities and indices.

In 2023, the Indian market is expected to reach a new high in individual investments across various financial products such as mutual funds, ETFs, bonds, systematic investment plans, alternative investment funds, hedge funds, crypto funds, hybrid funds, fund managers, international portfolios and social trading.

The technology era

The evolution of fintech has made online trading within reach for anyone with a smartphone. The largest community of traders and investors has been focused on the stock market, forex trading and crypto trading. However, understanding global market sentiments and profitable trading strategies is a challenge among traders in Asia. Indian traders continue to learn and update themselves with the latest trading techniques and the desire to acquire more financial market knowledge persists.


Money Expo 2023: An opportunity

For traders and investors, an opportunity to gather all the financial service providers under one roof is provided by Money Expo, one of India’s largest trading and investing events. Money Expo 2023 is to be held on Aug. 12 and 13, 2023 at Jio Convention Centre in Mumbai, bringing face-to-face networking to individuals helps to foster relationships, and learn and build trust with service providers like stock brokers, forex brokers, crypto exchanges and fintech companies.

Educating the next generation of traders

The second edition of this two-day exhibition and conference is set to feature leading brands in the online trading space and host the largest conference with investment industry experts covering a wide range of keynote sessions, panel discussions and presentations. Money Expo focuses on attracting individuals, traders, investors, high-net-worth individuals, ultra–high-net-worth individuals, affiliates, fund managers, trainers and service providers.

A platform for exploring new markets

At this event, the audience will witness the largest gathering of financial professionals, potentially networking to exchange ideas and learn new market opportunities. Money Expo provides attendees with a unique platform to learn about new products and services, explore potential investment and trading opportunities, and better understand the finance sector.

Summit focus

  • Investments in stocks, forex and crypto
  • Understanding the Blockchain ecosystem
  • Unleashing the power of DeFi and NFTs
  • Regulations on cryptocurrencies
  • Web3 vs. Web2
  • The Metaverse, GameFi (play-to-earn)


  • Crypto exchanges
  • Government and regulatory bodies
  • C-Levels and directors
  • Blockchain and crypto pioneers
  • DeFi and NFT projects
  • VCs, family offices, investors and business leaders
  • The crypto community and influencers
  • Renowned media agencies