Behind every successful story and every successful brand stays a great personality and a great team. The brave steps that were taken for the last few months by the Executive Chairman of Webit- Dr. Plamen Russev and the whole team of Webit Foundation to fully transform Webit Festival into a Global Virtual Platform and Global Thought Leadership Network, proved that the challenging times can bring even greater opportunities for growth for those who are able to stay tuned with the moment and who know well what they stand for and what is the right direction to follow.

A good example for this is that Webit was featured by Forbes as the first fully transformed virtually and was called "the world's biggest thought leadership virtual events platform."

And there is a lot of substance in this generous statement as each Webit Virtual event brings together over 9,000 concurrent virtual attendees and over 20,000 in total per event.

These numbers multiplied by the number of events we host each month (12+) brings 250,000+ virtual attendees (monthly) to our events. The Webit community database grew by 150,000 people, reaching out currently to over 900,000 digeraty, policy makers, innovators, investors and media from all over the world.

Another great appreciation for the commitment, efforts and work during the past 13 years is that WEF invited Webit Foundation along with WHO as their strategic partner to support their initiatives and to address the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic through our extensive (if not the biggest, definitely one of the biggest in the world) network of innovators.

The most important from all is that Webit Foundation continues to follows its mission to improve the state of well being and to collaboratively create the desirable future for all, to bring together the Global Webit Community of people with common values and big hearts and to educate, to provide valuable content and to bring back the thought leadership in times when it is replaced by breaking news. For that reason Webit Global Series includes in its program every week on Tuesday the Thought Leadership Summit, hosting global thought leaders, forward thinkers, policy makers, great entrepreneurs and innovators (such as Tim Draper; Guy Kavasaki; Bertrand Piccard; Adam Cheyer; Bruce Schneier). The Leading Media Forum is hosted every Thursday, where some of the top global journalists and leaders in the media world (Executive Editors CNN, Business Insider,VentureBeat; Managing Editors The Economist, Forbes, Mashable; Senior Correspondents Financial Times, Al Jazeera, etc) are invited to make an overview on and analysis of the most pressing and important issues for the society and the latest tendencies on a global scale. Each week is focused on a specific theme including Policy Innovation, Vanture, Cybersecurity, Health Innovation, etc.

Coming next at Webit Virtual Program is Money & Fintech Week from June 30th - July 2nd which will bring the important topic and discussions about “COVID-19 impact on Fintech Industry - major trends and opportunities.” The special guests of the Thought Leadership Summit on Tuesday, June 30th, include Richard Davies, CEO for Banking Revolut and Bassim Haidar, Founder and CEO Channel of VAS, hosted by Dr. Plamen Russev as usual and with the special Q&A moderator for this edition - Angela Antetomaso (Correspondent & TV Presenter Forbes). On Thursday, July 2nd Webit Virtual studio will host leading media representatives, including Kristina Lucrezia Cornèr, Managing Editor at Cointelegraph; Ankush Chibber, Managing Editor at Mashable Middle East; Simone Filippetti,Financial Journalist and Correspondent at Il Sole 24 Ore and Angela Antetomaso Correspondent & TV Presenter at Forbes. In addition to this Webit, as always, is focused now only on providing valuable content but on providing real solutions by supporting the innovation and startup ecosystem with the help of one of its initiatives- Founders Games Investors Demo Day that is hosted at Webit Virtual Studio every Wednesday at 17.00 CET. The startups selected by the Webit Startup Committee will receive access to the ecosystem of corporations, investors and global leaders not only during Webit Festival but also during WEF.

It is a great honor that on a global scale Webit Foundation starts to play a greater and more important role in improving the state of well-being for all, in creating the New world and bringing closer the desirable future based on sustainability, resilience and inclusion as common values of the Global Webit Community.