STeX.Exchange Overview

Overview: STeX.Exchange is a platform that enables individuals and traders to engage is simple coin-to-coin exchanges as well as intraday trading.

The platform claims to offer better liquidity than ever before because of their superior arbitrage algorithms and platform structure. Furthermore the platform promises to allow users to easily assess the bid/ask spread based on the size of their position and automatically fill at the best rate across all exchanges with the best speed. STeX.Exchange also plans to offer cryptocurrency futures and options trading, allowing users to keep 100% of the profits. All this is accomplished by their stellar technology and their unique high frequency trading algorithms originally developed for traditional stock exchanges allow all this to occur seamlessly in a fraction of the time of most of the competition.

What are the main differences between “STeX.Exchange” and competition?

There are several advantages of STeX over other decentralized exchange platforms. First and foremost, our idea is simple yet achieves complex goals at the same time--bridging the gap between liquidity and centralized crypto exchanges. STeX’s top priority is to fill orders with the highest possible speed at the best fill rate for traders, providing access with convenience to all the instruments of trading. The team behind this platform also has practical hands on experience in the area of traditional stock, futures, and options exchanges and has a great technically skilled team to execute. With over 20 years of background in stock value analysis and trading options along with involvement in Provalue Analytics, the STeX.Exchange team is well equipped to tackle their project goals. Knowledge and efficiency combined together sets this team apart to achieve the unique goals of this project before the competition can catch up. STeX also offers higher liquidity than any other exchange and cross-rates, making possible all types of orders including conditional, stop-loss, etc. based on technical indicators the platform is built to recognize. Futures, leverage, options, indexes, ETFs, investors, and manager portal are all supported out of the box in one easy to use platform, setting STeX apart from any other platform currently available.

Problem STeX.Exchange Strives to Solve

The cryptocurrency world has experienced such an enormous and explosive growth in recent years that no existing crypto exchange is capable of swallowing it. One coin is trading on one exchange, another coin is on another, but there is no one and single place for all coins. But we are providing one single place and platform to trade all existing coins and we know exactly how to implement this in reality. No known exchange is showing calculations valuable for high net investors about available volume at a specific price. Without this information, a reasonably large investor cannot make an informed decision. The scourge of the modern exchange is terrible liquidity. This is right there where we deploy our private algorithms and technical solutions to solve this problem.

Many tokens and coins in the realm of cryptocurrency suffer from a lack of liquidity. Although we’ve seen a tremendous increase in the market cap and usage of the major cryptos such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum this year, there are hundreds of others that still remain at a low market cap with smaller volumes. This is expected in a still emerging market with many well off traders and investors still sitting on the sidelines to see growth before they jump in. Often times one must buy these cryptocurrencies on one exchange for the best price possible and then move those coins to another exchange to get the best sell price possible or to get a big enough bid order to sell into. Over a period, this will result in lost time (waiting for blockchain confirmations), loss of fees (yes, they add up), and inefficiency and inconvenience. STeX.Exchange solves this big problem by creating a global trading platform, governed by smart contracts in a decentralized environment. STeX also has built horizontal scaling technology to handle infinite growth of its user base and has a team that has a track record of creating software with tens of millions of active users and billions of database entries and data requests. Porting this experience over to the application of the development of the STeX platform, it creates a scenario where you have this platform capable of scaling infinitely within little to no time which will results in greater dividends for investors. Now you might say, all this sounds good, but what about speed? Well, the team at STeX.Exchange guarantees that it won’t be an issue. They solve this among other issues like the convexity of risk/reward with what they call their “secret sauce”--a ready-to-implement recipe that solves this issue. The STeX.Exchange team is moving at an incredibly high speed, already raising upwards of 7000+ ETH, nearly half of their Pre-Sale goal and they have given a promissory note to all investors that their complex project will come to market at a similar rate.

Team Background

Andrew Makarskiy, CEO, HR & Public Relations.

Andrew is the voice of the project and will explain all difficult things in plain words. His wide experience in trading, statistical analysis, and creation of investment strategies will help us provide excellent and unique features to STeX users.

Nicholas Prays, CTO.

Nicholas is a computer genius and has already made a name for himself in the technology community. Being the founder of KeyCAPTCHA, which was being considered by Google for a buyout, he has proven himself as a highly skilled individual as well as technical director and architect. He is the insurance that STeX.Exchange will pass through any technical difficulties smoothly and with sufficient extra capacity to deal with growing load and high speed data streams.

Ivan Mityaev, CFO, Compliance & Legal Department.

Ivan is responsible for all financial background, including market-making activities, HFT algorithms, stress testing of trading systems, etc. In the last 10 years Ivan developed many projects from websites to vast variety of stock trading instruments for private companies, including backtesters, statistical analysis tools and so on.

Some FAQs, answered by STeX.Exchange

How will I be able to create my own Hedge Fund?

Answer: If you are a professional trader we will provide built-in features to manage other people's coins.

What are the margin requirements for options?

Answer: Margin requirements for options will be basically the same as on traditional exchanges for the high volatility underlying.

Commissions on most exchanges are what pay for customer service and maintenance, how is this going to work for STeX.Exchange you ask?

Answer: We will be "distributing 100% commissions excluding expenses".

What are the running costs of STeX.Exchange?

Answer: We have horizontal scaling. So, running costs will correspond to the number of instruments, volumes, and speed. Most significantly, we can adjust expenses to our cash flow. The great thing about the STeX.Exchange system is its Flexibility and that’s where we always will have the advantage compared to our competitors.

How big is the STeX.Exchange team?

Answer: Currently, the STeX.Exchange team has 12 individuals working on the project.

What Cryptocurrency will STeX.Exchange be paying commissions in?

Answer: We plan to pay all commissions to our users using the Ethereum cryptocurrency.

What will the Pre-ICO funds that STeX.Exchange collect be used for?

Answer: The money will primarily go to the Development. Some portion will be used as a security cushion. And no more than 20-30% will go to marketing.

How does STeX.Exchange make money if you are giving away 100 % of the commission to token holders?

Answer: The founders receive 30% of tokens after the ICO. We are in the same boat as all our investors, We believe it’s the fairest situation. It also mean that we will be working over time to make this project a success.

How does STeX.Exchange plan to take over I am not really clear in what makes your prediction of getting 5 percents of the market?

Answer: STeX.Exchange will always aim to provide better liquidity, very small bid/ask spread and thousands of direct coin-to-coin cross-rates available to all the STeX.Exchange users. We will also be providing commission-free trades within our platform.

The rest is of our plan is focused on marketing STeX.Exchange to all the right people. STeX.Exchange is unique in many ways, for example, mixing security of blockchain storage and the speed of the centralized processing core.

We are the new generation of this sort of service, we are taking it to the next step. We aim to provide the best service possible for our users and we care about our userís experience with STeX.Exchange. We will be providing better service with better support and better rates, low commissions and vast variety of instruments. More to come.

ICO Details

Pre-Sale: August 08, 2017 at 8:00 PM EST to September 30, 2017

Amount of Coins: 15 000 000 for PreSale

Currency accepted: ETH

Where to buy:

Date of TokenSale: October 31, 2017 to December 31, 2017

Amount of Coins: 70 Million, (70,000,000)

Currency accepted: ETH

Where to buy:


Company name: STeX.Exchange

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Company contacts: Andrei Makarskiy