KITEX has set out a goal to disrupt the commerce industry by developing a truly decentralized e-commerce platform, KITEX is an open source, decentralized privacy platform. Built for global person to person and business to person eCommerce.

KITEX (KITX) is a totally different approach to online commerce. It is an ecosystem of P2P connected nodes, there are no servers, it’s fully decentralized. KITEX allows users to communicate and exchange payments directly without intermediaries. Because no one is at all in control, there is no charge, no restrictions, and no listing fees, you only display personal information that you wish to show.

Key features of KITEX include:

  •  Privacy and Security
  •  High resilience,
  •  User Experience Focused,
  •  No Fees and Restrictions
  •  A top notch KITX/BTC/ETH Wallet integration to enable easy entry for beginners.


Diversification: KITEX has a low correlation with most other investment products and thus provides portfolio diversification benefits. The idea that KITEX is an asset class was popularized already in 2016. As market capitalization grows, this becomes an increasingly legitimate approach to investing in KITEX assets. Anti-inflationary store of value: KITEX has a finite supply, with the maximum amount of KITEX that will ever be created being limited to 20 Million, as encoded in the KITEX protocol. In this regard, KITEX has characteristics similar to gold, leading to the popular label, ‘digital gold’. KITEX’s favorable supply/demand dynamics support long term price appreciation and its validity in commercial deals. Flight to safety: In times of political uncertainty or economic turmoil, KITEX’s independence of central banks’ control makes the asset an attractive target for capital flight. Trust in the asset is underpinned by the KITEX protocol’s transparent, neutral, predictable and cryptographically secure nature. Growth potential: As KITEX assets are still in the very early stages of widespread adoption, the potential for significant growth remains. The technology is still not widely understood and used, the potential for Online businesses to be built on the KITEX source code and for the growth of the KITEX economy is still largely un- tapped, and fund flows into the framework from major investor groups have not happened yet. All this indicates that a lot of the growth is still ahead and predictions of extraordinary future price appreciation abound.

KITEX is currently in a fundraising phase and is preparing for a pre-ICO sale of its KITX tokens. During the Pre-ICO round 1,200,000 tokens will be available. During the whole crowd sale KITEX will sell 20million of KITX tokens. KITEX is hoping to raise at least 2000 ETH during the pre-sale round and at least 10000 ETH during the ICO.

We invite everyone to participate in our project, to promote investment activities we are granting a 20% BONUS for all early investors acquiring KITX tokens during the Pre-Sale.

KITEX plans to take the platform further by launching this ICO underwriting service. KITEX will oversee high-quality, promising ICO that have passed stringent due diligence, smart contract code review, and legal compliance. KITEX believes the evolution of technology and a decentralized commercial landscape will transform capital markets and business organizations with long-lasting impact.

ICO Details

Pre-Sale: September 25, 2017 to September 31, 2017

Currency accepted: ETH

Where to buy:

Date of TokenSale: October 11, 2017 to November 11, 2017

Amount of Coins: 21 Million, (21,000,000)

Company name: KITEX
Company site: