The two-day premier crypto event announced in Dubai met with huge expectations among crypto enthusiasts in the region and will host a potential conference that provides valuable insights into the crypto industry by executives and personalities. 

Dubai has recently been growing as a hub for the financial industry. The region is progressive in the blockchain and crypto industry and Crypto Expo Dubai in 2021 will add value to the crypto space. The organizer commented that Crypto Expo Dubai 2021 will be one of the largest gatherings in the cryptocurrency industry with more than 2,000 attendees, over 40 influential speakers as well as more than 30 crypto companies participating. 

The featured companies joining Crypto Expo Dubai are Binance, B2Broker,, Ducatus, Regal RA DMCSS, SmartKey, Wallex Bank and ZebPay. Grab the opportunity to meet them face-to-face and learn about their offerings in crypto. 

The largest crypto event to take place in Conrad Dubai on Sheikh Zayed Road with a content-rich conference comprises top executives of the industry with speakers such as Bryan Benson from Binance, Julian Sawyer from Bitstamp, Ajit Tripathi from Aave, Igneus Terrenus from Bybit and Simone Mazzuca from Wallex Bank.

The event in Dubai is set to add talks on decentralized technology, the future of cryptocurrency, nonfungible token trend and the driving force behind decentralized finance, and the largest number of upcoming projects are scheduled to launch at this event this October.

Visit the website and stay tuned to get updates on the event speakers and sponsors.