Winbot’s core engine is a sophisticated Autonomic Anticipatory Agent that is smart and agile enough to predict small and big changes in a dynamical environment such as financial market and global weather 99.99% of the time accurately.

Winbot promises to be a goal-driven self-organizing, self-learning, self-planning and self-executing trading and portfolio manager bot, capable of dynamically responding to any changes in the market behaviors proactively at local and global scale. It responds locally by detecting rapid metamorphism of market microstructures for a particular trade opportunity/threat and globally by monitoring macrostructures for managing an entire portfolio of assets across multiple binary crypto/fiat asset pairs and multiple crypto-asset exchanges across the world.

Although Winbot was initially designed for crypto and fiat currency trading as well as autonomous multiasset portfolio optimization; Winbot’s engineering team discovered that it can be leveraged to build applications like unmanned decentralized exchanges (UDEXs), crypto-darkpools, betting & lottery pools, decentralized fiat-crypto prime broker platforms, decentralized crypto-hedge funds and many more.

Winbot appcoin tokens, Winkens are now on presale at a bargain of 50% until 21st July. The team plans to raise US$ 11 Million thru an ICO by offering Winkentokens to investors and early adopters. They will invest the raised funds on research and development of Winbot. The primary release is to deliver a full-fledged commercially available product by 2Q 2018.

Balance funds will be allocated to hire key talents, open up a dedicated development center in the Crypto Valley of Switzerland and to execute global marketing plans.The Total Token Supply is 44,000,000 Winkens and Face Value of one Winken is US$1.10. For more information about how to buy your Winken tokens visit a website now.


Company name: Winbot Tech Organization

Company site:

Company contacts: Ren Timer, Daniel Kaminski de Souza and Nick Hiker