Cybersecurity has been of great importance in the financial sector, it becomes all the more  necessary since the very foundation of banking lies in nurturing trust and credibility.

As the new normal opens a slew of opportunities for cyber attackers, it has become  imperative for financial institutions to ensure their prevention, detection and alerting  capabilities are functional. Considering these factors, financial institutions are deploying  various technologies to upgrade their security posture leveraging a multi-layered defence  approach to combat evolving cyber threats. In such an environment, FinTechs are also  evolving rapidly, making it essential to maintain the highest standards of technology and  preparedness, and keeping up to date with the impact of cyber trends. At Group  Futurista’s next webinar on ‘Cybersecurity & Fraud Detection in the age of  COVID-19 for FI 2.0’ you can learn more about the upcoming cyber trends and how  FinTechs are adapting to them quickly with their evolving solutions.

This webinar is happening real-time on October 30th beginning at 1400 HRS BST.  For those who are looking to attend the webinar can register for free here.

Keynote Speakers:

  • Kev Eley, VP Enterprise Sales, Egress
    Topic - People and the pandemic: Preserving compliance on email

  • Gregory C. Rasner, Director, Cybersecurity Third Party Risk, Truist
    Third-Party Threat Hunting

  • Scott Forman, Director North America Sales, Plurilock
    Why Traditional MFA Is Not Enough Anymore

  • Rizwan Baig, Head Governance, Risk & Controls & Joint Country ICS lead, Standard  Chartered Bank
    Protecting your companies from rising cyberattacks amid the COVID-19 Outbreak
  • Panelist Seth J, Krischner, Security Engineer, Assistant Vice President, MUFG Panel
    Discussion Topic - COVID-19 Pandemic Crisis & its Implications on Cybersecurity

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