For the last decade, the financial industry has been advancing digital transformation programs that support broader online access to various banking activities. 

The current pandemic situation has highlighted that progress has been made to-date but that there is still much to be done, particularly now when users are avoiding any kind of physical contact. More often than not, users are required to laboriously register new credentials for each service, inputting the same personal information for each site and service. When peeling back the layers of how digital identity can enable broader, stronger, and more convenient online transactions. Digital identity solutions like E-KYC/AML, could id verification tools, remote onboarding, etc. are now getting user-controlled and portable so that people can easily access many online services with the same secure digital identity, and not have to create multiple different identities for each service. 

To introduce such game-changing solutions across the financial industry, Group Futurista, a leading global event & webinar company, is all set to launch its 11th webinar ‘Reimagining Digital Identity during COVID-19 for FI 4.0’ on 21st October 2020 at 1500 HRS BST. 

Access to this virtual event is free, those who are interested in attending the webinar can register here. Ping Identity, a US-based software company, named a leader in customer identity and access management by KuppingerCole for three consecutive years is the PLATiNUM SPONSOR at this virtual summit. 

Keynote Speakers

  • Richard Bird - Chief Customer Information Officer, Ping Identity
    Topic: Out-Maneuvering a Pandemic (or anything else) With Identity 
  • Luis M. Cifuentes Larrain - Chief Compliance Officer, Banco Bradesco SA
    Topic: Digital Customer Onboarding and Data Management 
  • Rajen Hari Saraswati - Business Architect, Nationwide Banking
    Topic: Customer-Centric Approach in KYC/AFC Initiatives 
  • Prashant Sharma - Head of Product-Digital Identity, Mastercard
    Topic - Digital Identity: Enabling KYC for the digital age 

If you’re interested in sponsoring or speaking at future events, please review Group Futurista’s event website here or drop them an email at