Europe’s most dedicated blockchain event will set the stage for a new blockchain interoperability solution to be unveiled by the Lisk Research team.

What: Lisk, an open-source blockchain application platform, is hosting Lisk.js 2021: Europe’s most influential blockchain developer event bringing together developers and blockchain industry experts, alongside the Lisk team. At Lisk.js 2021, Lisk’s new blockchain interoperability solution and the interoperability Lisk Improvement Proposals will be unveiled. Lisk’s goal is to deliver a scalable and decentralized blockchain interoperability solution for the Lisk ecosystem.

Other event highlights will include the unveiling of a new Lisk research roadmap, development announcements and updates, as well as the launch of a new Lisk developer program that will focus on real production-ready blockchain applications. Developers can also expect to learn how to develop a blockchain application with Lisk SDK, attend in-depth talks on interoperability from Lisk’s research scientists, and get inspired by community members who have built blockchain applications on Lisk. The speakers will also be answering questions from the attendees during a Q&A session.

Lisk.js 2021 is the culmination of all the research and development efforts of the Lisk project and ecosystem since its inception in 2016. The first edition of Lisk.js in 2019 took place at the Kühlhaus venue in Berlin, with the event drawing in over 180 attendees from around the world. 

When: Lisk.js 2021 will take place May 21–22.

  • Day 1 (May 21, 6 pm CET) will feature Max Kordek, CEO and co-founder of Lisk, who will speak about Lisk’s achievements and vision for the future. The Lisk Research team will then unveil Lisk’s new blockchain interoperability solution. 
  • Day 2 (May 22, 11 am CET) will consist of in-depth Lisk blockchain interoperability presentations, demos and blockchain applications showcased by the Lisk community.

Where: Lisk.js 2021 will be fully virtual and live-streamed from the stage in Kühlhaus, Berlin on Lisk’s official YouTube channel. This event format will facilitate the attendance of Lisk community members and blockchain enthusiasts from all over the world. 

Registration link: You can register to attend Lisk.js 2021 here

Confirmed speakers: 

  • Max Kordek (CEO and co-founder) — CEO keynote speech 

  • Monica Tartau (marketing lead) — Announcing the Lisk developer program and online hackathon

  • Jan Hackfeld (head of research) — Announcing the new Lisk Research roadmap

  • More speakers will be announced ahead of time:

    • Research team — Introduction to the Lisk interoperability solution

    • Development team — Development announcements and updates

    • Development team — Improving the Lisk SDK developer experience

About Lisk

Lisk is an open-source blockchain application platform and was founded by Max Kordek and Oliver Beddows in 2016 and raised over 14,000 Bitcoin (BTC) in its initial coin offering, making it the most successful German crowdfund in history. With a goal of making blockchain technology accessible for everyone, Lisk’s software development kit allows developers to build blockchain applications in JavaScript, the world’s most widely used programming language. 

Lisk is an industry leader in blockchain interoperability and will allow for the deployment of side chains onto the Lisk blockchain, enabling blockchain applications to scale while still connecting to the wider Lisk ecosystem. 

The Lisk network is operated using a highly efficient delegated proof-of-stake consensus algorithm, which is secured by democratically elected delegates and maintains a significantly lower energy consumption than proof-of-work networks, such as Bitcoin.

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