Live Stars token presale is going to be launched on September 21th, 2017. 20 million coins or 10% of total supply will be sold at a price 4 times lower than it is planned on ICO. Presale hard cap is equivalent to $1,000,000. Live Stars is creating a platform for the webcam model industry through the use of blockchain technology. The webcam industry is an exciting and growing niche. Revenue generated through webcamming represents 25% of all the revenue in the pornography industry as a whole. Team aims to technologically revolutionize this field by addressing and solving key issues within the industry. There are several issues with popular webcam websites today, such as LiveJasmin, Chaturbate, ImLive, and others. The first issue is high commissions. On average, leading webcam sites have a commission of 60%, which means lower than 40% revenue share for models. Moreover, funds are put on at least 5-day hold and are only transferred in case minimum payout amount is collected. This hold can vary and some of the top webcam sites can hold your funds even up to 15 days. Another issue that webcam websites face is lack of anonymity for its user.
Webcam sites have databases that contain the following information:
  • Successful and Declined Transactions
  • Credit Card Details
  • IP Addresses, location, time of login/logout
  • Names and Surnames
  • ID numbers in case they were requested and user has submitted them.
Furthermore, all user activity on the platform is recorded. This includes logs of private chat conversations with the models. That would mean that any platform staff member could easily access confidential information, and there is no possibility to check if data is deleted or still stored. A corollary issue with payments is chargebacks from stolen credit cards. It’s very easy for the actual credit card users to dispute charges from stolen credit cards, and the website is then obligated to refund the money given to the webcam models, which is violation of values of fair labor compensation. All those problems affect affiliates as well.
Live Stars lead developer, Aleksander Kansky is a senior developer since 1999 and once took part in creating the architecture of one of the leading webcam platforms. Experience in software development and blockchain technology integration and inside knowledge of webcam industry allows Live Stars team to develop a new business model based on automation of processes and taking advantage of latest technology. Live Stars offers a unique solution by offering complete anonymity and security through the use of cryptocurrency/blockchain. Payments are automated through the use of smart-contracts, removing the need for a person on the Live Stars team to authorize the payments. By automizing most of the processes, Live Stars team provided higher economic efficiency, and thank to that, is able to guarantee models up to 70-80% rate from the total amount transferred by the customer. Funds will be transferred at once and will be in full control of the users. Thanks to the open source code and lack of mediators for payment acceptance, the financial area of the platform is absolutely clear both for models and users. Platform is organized in a way that allows models to upload or delete all the necessary information themselves. Affiliates will receive modern and convenient platform to work with, too. Overall, Live Stars is a superior service to current webcam services. Live Stars will offer not only decentralization but also be open source, have complete anonymity for its users, share a higher percentage of revenue with its models, and have no minimum payout. This will definitely attract attention of potential investors and future users. 

Company name: Live Stars
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