Give On LIVE! is a completely free resource gathering Livestream content. As pioneers in the digital space, hosts share their time, talent, and resources. Millions thrown into the digital economy now have an interactive #PandamicSurvivalGuide.

All of a sudden, the world has plugged into an accelerated digital economy instigated by the global pandemic. The Digecon LIVE Talk Show mission is to engage dialogue & find relief from our new digital way of life. 

Remote working, amplified delivery services, live-streaming, communication channels, curbside pick-up, everything is transitioning to a digital scale. DIGECON LIVE will gather local experts, share insights, support creators and create interaction opportunities with audience members. In a time we desperately need understanding and connection; We #UNITE through #LIVEstream #TogetherAtHome

Digecon is a space for both beginners and advanced tech entrepreneurs to effectively usher in the digital economy. The 1st Round is a conversation geared towards industry players follows by Q & A and socializing. The 2nd Round is an easy conversation explaining digital concepts and the fun “Explain2Mama” Game, Break it down baby!

The Give On LIVE! Story

It all started with a tech entrepreneur, armed with a #Google Calendar, unreasonable #Dream & the #CollectiveCommunity. Her desire to give love over livestream has inspired an ever-growing virtual movement.

Give On LIVE! aims to address the shifting needs of this digital world. The platform brings together livestreamers & viewers to share talent and knowledge on a global stage. Focusing on the most basic human needs: GiveLIVE creators and viewers are welcome to #GetPhysical, #GetMusic, #GetSkills, #GetLaughs, #GetLOVE, #GetThinking & #GetFaith in one easy to use online portal. 

Join us on DIGECON: Defy Tuesday, the Bitcoin Halving Edition. May 12, 2020, 2 unique episodes, 1pm EST & 9pm EST (Digecon.LIVE will be activated shortly).

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