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Let me be clear: a crypto event of this kind has never happened before. 

Hedge Funds are the wealthiest investors in the world. Wall Street. "Smart Money." Whales. Market makers. "Hedge Fund" is a word that feels wealthy. Like the essence of money itself. As if just knowing the word gives you a higher chance of becoming wealthy and successful. Because for the first time ever, we have pierced this secret society of apex success.

And we've brought back not one, not two, but 30+ fund managers to reveal to the general public, for the first time ever, their closely guarded crypto market secrets! Putting this together was no easy task. It is the culmination of all the years that Crypto 101 has been the #1 cryptocurrency podcast. This event is our life's work. And frankly, it was only made possible by the explosive growth we've experienced in the past few months. 

So now we're giving it all back. For free.

Here's just a tiny sample of the life changing secrets you'll walk away with

1. The hottest coins right now

Learn which coins the smart money Hedge Funds are "all-in" on for 2020. 

At this summit you'll learn about the most exciting projects in the short-term (right now), mid-term (this year), and long-term (10 years). Remember, Hedge Funds spend billions of dollars analyzing the market and making predictions. And now you can be the one to benefit from them (no matter how much you've invested).

2. The formulas hedge funds use to pick new hot coins

Hedge Funds don't play by the same rules. And now you don't have to, either. At Crypto Hedge Fund Summit, on July 22 & 23, you’re going to learn exactly how Hedge Funds choose new coins to invest in. 

From algorithmic modeling, to artificial intelligence and arbitrage: these incredible strategies will give you an edge in crypto that will blow you away. Best of all, we'll show you how to use these complex strategies in easy and safe ways, even if you're not confident with tech! 

3. Security secrets to keep your money safe

Hedge Funds manage tens of billions of dollars in crypto. So you better believe they've figured out innovative, bulletproof ways to keep it 100% safe, 24/7. At our Hedge Fund Summit, you'll learn these techniques too.

Whether you've invested $100 or $100,000 into crypto, the secrets you'll learn are easy to implement and could potentially save you millions. 

Here are just a few of the “smart money” strategies you’ll learn about

1. How to ride short-term and long-term trends for MASSIVE profits

Crypto is a trend based market. If you can spot trends, you can make 100% - 1,000% in the short-term and 100,000%+ in the long-term. Learn how the best do it.

2. The kind of research only a billion dollars could buys

Learn how Hedge Funds can discover hot new coins years before anyone else has heard of them. And the specific coins they have targeted as potential "new Bitcoins.”

3. Limited risk, high upside strategies

Because coins can shoot up in value so quickly, you don't need to invest a fortune to make one. Learn the best coins primed to go to the moon and why.

4. Crypto "hacks"

Hedge Funds play by different rules. For example, did you know that while Bitcoin is worth $9,000 here, it's worth $10,000 in another country? Hedge Funds use this info to make quick profits no matter where the market is going.

These game-changing strategies are just the tip of the iceberg!

Top 4 reasons why you should attend Crypto Hedge Fund Summit Online

1. Pick multiple winners

Listen from the comfort of your own home (or anywhere else) while 30+ of the top crypto Hedge Fund Managers tell you their favorite "moonshot" picks for 2020.

2. Start your "immediate retirement fund"

Crypto is one of the only markets where you can make a lot of money overnight. With these Hedge Fund Secrets, you'll finally understand how.

3. Join the leading edge

Hedge Funds represent the absolute best of the best in crypto trading. And now for the first time ever you can learn and use their strategies for your own profit.

4. Help your friends and family

Your friends and family need to know these advanced strategies. Be the reason your loved ones are prepared to profit huge in this long-term bull cycle that some experts say is already here.

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