There’s a reason you don’t own smartglasses yet. There are many hurdles in the way of truly user-friendly augmented reality displays. At Lucyd, we have assembled an expert team and a portfolio of powerful of technologies to solve the biggest problems in AR. To build our first prototype and to create the Lucyd Lab AR blockchain, we are launching the LCD token sale.

The Lucyd Tech Advantage

The foundation of Lucyd is our 13 patents, which come from the premier optics R&D facilities at UCF. Furthermore, the lead inventor of our patents, renowned optics researcher Dr. Jannick Rolland, is on hand as a Lucyd science advisor. With these groundbreaking technologies and our cutting-edge optics and AR team, we are attempting to create the next big thing in AR. Lucyd Lens will be the world’s first compact, comfortable AR display with many notable advantages.

The People’s Platform

Lucyd is not only designing breakthrough smartglasses—we are also creating a new paradigm for AR content and app development. The Lucyd Lab blockchain organically drives native content creation for the Lucyd platform. LCD tokens are awarded to developers and users who participate meaningfully in the creation of AR-friendly content for Lucyd.

The Team

Lucyd has assembled a multitalented, experienced team to make Lucyd Lens smartglasses and the Lucyd Lab blockchain a reality. A unique combination of advanced AR scientists, successful entrepreneurs and blockchain pros gives Lucyd the tools it needs to develop a next-gen interactive AR display.

Token Sale

Lucyd is preparing for the presale of its LCD tokens, Starting October 17, 2017. The pre-ICO will take place on the official website.

The presale price for one LCD token is $.15 which represents a 40% discount on the official ICO price of $.25.

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