The DeGameFi Web3 Conference is primed to become the hub of blockchain, crypto, law adoption, and cyber security discussions, showcasing the newest developments from the decentralized universe, right in the heart of Tbilisi, Georgia.

The Degamefi 2023 conference represents an unparalleled avenue for anyone intrigued by the decentralized domain. Whether you're a seasoned developer, an astute investor, a budding entrepreneur, or someone interested in the tech horizon, missing this event is not an option.

Event details include:

  • Venue at Sheraton Grand Tbilisi Metechi Palace Hotel on 7-8 Oct. 2023.
  • An expected gathering of over 1200 attendees.
  • Presentations by more than 60 speakers.
  • Participation from over 30 sponsors.

Establishing itself as the paramount blockchain gathering in the Caucasus region, Degamefi invites pioneers, leaders, and visionaries from the expansive blockchain and Web3 sectors. The roster includes a diverse blend of developers, investors, entrepreneurs, and tech enthusiasts, all sharing a keen interest in the evolving trends, tools, and applications that are redefining our digital world.

This year's assembly is especially significant as the audience will interact with key figures from industry giants like Mastercard, Tether, Polygon, and more. With an agenda teeming with keynote addresses, analytical panels, competitive startup showdowns, designated thematic areas, and avenues to connect, Degamefi2023 ensures a holistic and enriching experience for all attendees.

Why Georgia is the epicenter of blockchain innovation:

  • Favorable business environment: Beyond its rich history and diverse culture, Georgia offers a pro-business atmosphere, cementing its appeal for blockchain ventures and startups alike.
  • Growing blockchain industry: With each passing year, Georgia is fast becoming a hotbed for blockchain innovation, with numerous companies choosing it as their base of operations.
  • Governmental support: The Georgian administration isn't just passive observers; they are active catalysts in the blockchain revolution. By pushing forth a legal framework to bolster crypto adoption and fostering a supportive ambiance, they're ensuring that Georgia is not just on the blockchain map but is one of its shining stars.
  • Emergence as the crypto hub of the CIS region: The surge in the number of local crypto freelancers and the relocation of approximately 50,000 tech professionals to Georgia accentuates its growing prominence in the digital realm.

The breadth of discussions spans a myriad of subjects such as decentralized finance, non-fungible tokens, governance mechanisms, personal identity in the digital realm, privacy protocols, and pressing issues of cyber security, legal adaptations, and the integration of AI. Participants will have the distinct advantage of gleaning insights from experts, allowing for an immersive understanding of every topic.

Stablecoin Tether is the main partner of DeGameFi this year, A notable highlight this year is the collaboration between Tether and the Georgian Government. Tether's recent Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) underlines a strategic alliance, aiming to position Georgia as a pivotal player in peer-to-peer and blockchain technology, steering innovation and driving economic progress in the region.

Startup spotlight

Amidst the technological discourse, Degamefi2023 will also host a dynamic startup competition. This segment is designed to spotlight emerging enterprises, offering them a platform to pitch their innovative solutions. These startups stand a chance to grab the attention of international Web3 investors and venture capitalists. Beyond just visibility, they could foster collaborations, gain mentorship, and even secure funding.

In short, with its progressive regulations, modern infrastructure, and reservoir of talent, Georgia stands out as the preferred choice for crypto enthusiasts and businesses.

Join the future of blockchain at Degamefi2023.