The World Crypto Economic Forum will take place online on June 2 and 3, gathering over a hundred speakers, entrepreneurs, crypto enthusiasts and industry leaders for a discussion on the latest trends both in the worlds of business (Web3, DeFi, DAOs, NFTs, Metaverse, initial DEX offerings, etc.) and technology (everything blockchain).

Three years ago, the WCEF convened at a large-scale conference in San Francisco with Nick Szabo, Michael Arrington and other influential members of the blockchain industry to create an event specifically for the crypo industry. Over 1,000 guests came to listen to more than 100 speakers discuss the industry.

Since then, the WCEF has received numerous requests to consider hosting an event again. This year, it was finally made possible. 

As the organization is adapting to this new reality and the needs of its partners, it decided to move the event online. This way, more people can have access to the program while sponsors are spared from spending hefty budgets in such market conditions. 

All speakers previously announced, including Michael Arrington from TechCrunch and Chandra Duggirala from Portal, are moving with WCEF to the online format to participate in the event. A number of notable entrepreneurs and blockchain professionals are also expected to attend, such as Vinny Lingham from Waitroom/Civic Technologies, Jonathan Nelson from HF.Capital, Nathalie Kara from Propy, Lori Corpuz from NFT Oasis, Miko Matsumura from Gumi Cryptos Capital, Greg Osuri from Akash Network, William Bear from Nearverse and others.

The online WCEF will also include networking sessions and Q and A sessions with top executives. Recordings will be provided to guests, so they can still access them after the event.

Tickets are available now.