SpaceY 2025, a pioneering metaverse nonfungible token sandbox tower defense 3A-level blockchain game about Martian settlements created by Blockfish, is excited to announce that it has recently completed its first round of private fundraising and acquired $4.65 million. The effort was personally led by Bo Shen, a partner at Fenbushi Capital. Other investors include F2Pool, Longling Capital, Neo Eco, FBG, Bonfire Union, BTCChina, LinkVC, CollinStar, Fission, NCTY, Formless, Geekbeans Capital, Lancer, Titan, Hotbit and Zonff.

We’re excited to announce the second round of private fundraising is now open, so even more enthusiastic crypto institutional investors can participate.

Bo Shen, partner at Fenbushi Capital, said:

“One of the most important native scenes of the digital network in the metaverse is human vehicles locked in a life code by an advanced civilization, crossing several ages to allow them to stubbornly ‘live’ for a long time and continue upgrading the metaverse. They will one day finally reach the ideal ‘other shore.’ The concept is an NFT is a unique ID for human genetic markers that spans time. Individuals save their own genetic sequences and continuously update the data for their vital signs, becoming the owner and CEO of the data they generate. Production materials are like their data, productivity is like distributed privacy computing and storage, and production relations are similar to blockchain incentives and inclusive mechanisms.

Human curiosity pursues infinite space and time, and digital eternal life becomes possible.”

Vincent Zhou, partner at FBG, said:

“The metaverse is the ‘integrator’ for the next round of technological innovations thanks to the maturity of multiple technologies. Alternatively, it could become the next-generation internet to integrate blockchain technology into the metaverse. Allowing the virtual and reality to meet requires forward-looking strategic planning from investment institutions. SpaceY 2025 is an excellent paradigm among many metaverse projects.”

Shixing Mao, founder and CEO of F2Pool, said:

“No boundaries, no restrictions, unbounded imaginations. We are investing [in Metaverse] to join this infinite game. I can’t wait for my SpaceY 2025 ticket.”

Hongfei Da, partner at Neo Eco, said:

“The metaverse is something that humans have conceived for decades. With the development of the internet, blockchain technology, social networks and virtual technology, we are on the precipice of a new digital world that belongs to humans. Although the metaverse is still in its infancy and the future digital world has not yet formed, we hope to be able to leave our mark on metaverse history. Investing in SpaceY is undoubtedly an important investment for us participating in Metaverse.”

Suji Yan, director of Bonfire Union, said:

“The metaverse is a prelude to a ubiquitous digital society that will see new native industries born from the collective reimagining of society, fuelled by the crypto capital market. SpaceY is trying to build a key to the metaverse and we are working with them in an attempt to open the door to the future Web 3.0.”

Robin Duan, founder of SpaceY 2025, said: 

“The metaverse cannot be established under the original Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol internet architecture but the ERC-721 and ERC-1155 protocols clarify ownership of the virtual world. We are restarting a new universe where each of us is in this parallel world and can be the creator. The oasis in Ready Player One and the cyberspace in Cyberpunk 2077 are becoming a reality. In this new world, anyone could become the Virgin Lilith of Creation and complete humanity upgrading from a carbon-based civilization to a silicon-based one.”

For the SpaceY 2025 team:

Mission: Using blockchain technology to inherit human cultural genes and create a virtual parallel world based on silicon-based civilization through NFT assets.

Vision: To be a leading open-source metaverse platform for all players with or without programming skills to easily create independent games.

Funds will be put toward the SpaceY series of games and sandbox tools, which already saw a beta version launched in July 2021 on its website. The full version is expected in November 2021 with the Steam and mobile game versions to be launched in 2022. SpaceY 2025 received a report for having more than 120,000 fans across the world. The team will continue to upgrade the game to allow its fans to have fun and have entirely new experiences while having access to financial gains.

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